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.cvsignore  1.1  5 years  vapier  ignore generated man pages
Makefile  1.9  4 years  vapier  fix up man page display a bit
custom.xsl  1.1  8 years  vapier  add custom xsl fragment to eat newlines in linsts
dumpelf.docbook  1.1  8 years  vapier  convert manpages to docbooks
pax-utils.docbook  1.2  6 years  grobian  Add scanmacho manpage
pspax.docbook  1.6  3 years  vapier  fix --header short option typo pointed out by Hans #391885
scanelf.docbook  1.15  7 months  vapier  add support for symbol visibility
scanmacho.docbook  1.6  13 months  grobian  scanmacho: add support to read LC_RPATH entries from Mach-O files

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