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sysctl.conf  1.8  9 years  vapier  remove invalid leading sys.
shells  1.5  11 years  azarah  small fixes
shadow  1.2  10 years  agriffis  Fix bug 50246: Give root an invalid password ("*" in /etc/shadow) in the default…
services  1.10  9 years  vapier  add pxc and rquotad
rc.conf  1.31  9 years  vapier  punt PROTOCOL and move around consolefont
protocols  1.2  12 years  azarah  add headers
profile  1.32  9 years  vapier  quote $EDITOR #94412
passwd  1.27  9 years  vapier  remove apache user #77738
networks  1.4  11 years  azarah  fix config files; fix awk module on non x86 archs
issue.logo  1.2  11 years  azarah  fix issue for O agetty option; new release
issue.devfix  1.1  9 years  vapier  allow users to choose filesystem format for /dev #69091 and add a help file for …
issue  1.3  11 years  azarah  fix issue for O agetty option; new release
inputrc  1.11  9 years  vapier  eat trailing whitespace
inittab  1.8  9 years  vapier  comment out serial consoles by default
hosts  1.8  10 years  azarah  Add IPV6 versions of localhost and co in /etc/hosts, bug #25859. Fix 2.5 tempfi…
group  1.16  9 years  vapier  remove apache user #77738
fstab  1.19  9 years  vapier  dont use the vague 'none' when mounting stuff #78684
filesystems  1.2  9 years  vapier  remove copyright header

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