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70protobuf-gentoo.el  1.1  5 years  nelchael  Add emacs USE flag, see bug #271007. (Portage version: x86_64…
proto.vim  1.2  23 months  radhermit  Simplify vim ftdetect file (bug #459304 by Laurent Bachelier). (Portage version…
protobuf-2.3.0-asneeded-2.patch  1.1  4 years  dev-zero  Updated patch to fix as-needed issue (bug #271509, thanks to Xarthisius). Added …
protobuf-2.5.0-emacs-24.4.patch  1.1  2 months  radhermit  Fix build with emacs-24.4 (bug #524100, patch by ulm). (Portage version: 2.2.14…
protobuf-2.5.0-x32.patch  1.1  14 months  vapier  Fix builds on x32. (Portage version: 2.2.7/cvs/Linux x86_64, signed Manifest co…

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