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Sat Feb 15 11:44:52 2014 UTC (7 months ago) by jer
Branch: MAIN
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Fix encoding (bug #501348 by Harry STARR).

1 ultrabug 1.1 # Copyright 1999-2014 Gentoo Foundation.
2     # Distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License v2
3 jer 1.3 # $Header: /var/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/profiles/desc/uwsgi_plugins.desc,v 1.2 2014/02/11 18:33:45 fuzzyray Exp $
4 ultrabug 1.1
5     # This file contains descriptions of UWSGI_PLUGINS USE_EXPAND flags.
7     # Keep it sorted.
8     alarm_curl - Plugin to send a logline to a curl url.
9     alarm_xmpp - Plugin to send a logline via XMPP/Jabber (see http://uwsgi-docs.readthedocs.org/en/latest/AlarmSubsystem.html).
10     cache - Enable the caching framework
11 fuzzyray 1.2 carbon - Send uWSGI's internal statistics to one or more Carbon servers
12 ultrabug 1.1 cheaper_busyness - Implement cheaper algorithm that adds or remove workers based on average utilization for given time period
13     clock_monotonic - Modular clock source, uses clock_gettime with CLOCK_REALTIME
14     clock_realtime - Modular clock source, uses clock_gettime with CLOCK_MONOTONIC
15     corerouter - Base request routing internal mechanism
16     curl_cron - Call a curl url directly from a cron task
17     dumbloop - Run apps which do not require sockets
18     echo - Returns requests as they were sent
19     emperor_amqp - Enable an emperor controlled via AMQP
20     emperor_pg - Enable an emperor getting its configuration from a PostgreSQL database
21     emperor_zeromq - Enable an emperor controlled via ZeroMQ
22     fastrouter - Proxy/load-balancer/router speaking the uwsgi protocol
23     forkptyrouter - Pseudoterminal server to connect to instances running inside a jail/separate namespace
24     geoip - Export GeoIP information as routing variables (requires dev-libs/geoip)
25 jer 1.3 graylog2 - Send logs to a Graylog2 server in Graylog2's native GELF format
26 ultrabug 1.1 http - make uWSGI natively speak HTTP, using this plugin you do not need a front-end HTTP server
27     ldap - Lets you configure the uWSGI server via LDAP
28     legion_cache_fetch - caching for the legion subsystem
29     logcrypto - Send encrypted log messages via UDP
30     logfile - Enable logging to logfiles (requires USE=ssl)
31     logpipe - Log to stdin of a newly forked process
32     logsocket - Log to a unix socket
33     mongodblog - Write logs to a mongodb server
34     nagios - To monitor, and eventually get warning messages, via Nagios
35     notfound - Log 404 errors
36     pam - Support PAM authentication
37     ping - pings a uwsgi server
38     rawrouter - Enable routing requests to a specific plugin/application/function using the request modifiers
39     redislog - Log to a redis server
40     router_access - uWSGI internal routing, simple access support
41     router_basicauth - uWSGI internal routing, basicauth support
42     router_cache - uWSGI internal routing, cache support
43     router_expires - uWSGI internal routing, expires headers support
44     router_hash - uWSGI internal routing, URL hash support
45     router_http - uWSGI internal routing, http headers support
46     router_memcached - uWSGI internal routing, memcached support
47     router_metrics - uWSGI internal routing, metrics subsystem support
48     router_radius - uWSGI internal routing, radius auth support
49     router_redirect - uWSGI internal routing, simple redirect support
50     router_redis - uWSGI internal routing, redis support
51     router_rewrite - uWSGI internal routing, URL rewrite support
52     router_spnego - uWSGI internal routing, spnego auth support
53     router_static - uWSGI internal routing, static files serving support
54     router_uwsgi - uWSGI internal routing,
55     router_xmldir - uWSGI internal routing,
56     rpc - Allow calling functions on a remote uWSGI server/cluster
57     rrdtool - Store uWSGI stats in a rrd fashion
58     rsyslog - Send logs to Unix standard syslog residing on a remote server
59     signal - Enable the signal framework to allow event based inter process communication
60     spooler - Enable queue management that works like a printing/mail system, available for python/perl/ruby
61     sqlite - Configure uWSGI via a sqlite database
62     ssi - Fast templating system that has access to the uWSGI API
63     sslrouter - Permits routing/proxy of SSL requests
64     stats_pusher_statsd - Part of the metrics subsystem, lets you push metrics to a statsd server
65     symcall - Allows you to write native uWSGI request handlers without the need of developing a full uWSGI plugin
66     syslog - Enable logging to standard Unix syslog
67     systemd_logger - Enable logging via systemd journal
68     transformation_chunked - Filter the response generated by your application, encode the output in HTTP chunked
69     transformation_gzip - Filter the response generated by your application, compress in gzip
70     transformation_offload - Filter the response generated by your application, buffer streaming offload
71     transformation_tofile - Filter the response generated by your application, caching buffer to a static file
72     transformation_toupper - Filter the response generated by your application, transforming each character in uppercase
73     tuntap - Ad-hoc solution for giving network connectivity to Linux processes running in a dedicated network namespace
74     ugreen - Use green threads on top of the uWSGI async platform
75     webdav - Build the WebDAV server (note: attributes are stored in extended attributes)
76     xattr - Exposes extended file attributes as router variables
77     xslt - Apply XSL transformation on XML documents on the fly (requires dev-libs/libxslt)
78     zabbix - Send statistics to a zabbix server (uwsgi behaves directly as a zabbix agent)
79     zergpool - Allow grouping zerg instances and attach them to different zerg servers

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