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eapi  1.1  3 weeks  dilfridge  Increase EAPI to 5
make.defaults  1.18  2 months  blueness  Add xtpax to BOOTSTRAP_USE/USE in base hardened make.default, for sys-apps/elfix…
package.mask  1.42  2 weeks  tomwij  [QA] Remove obsolete hardened gcc-4.4.2 mask.
package.use.force  1.2  13 months  blueness  Force USE=xattr on sys-apps/portage for hardened for XATTR_PAX marking
package.use.mask  1.15  8 months  xarthisius  Mask GPU related flags for sys-apps/hwloc on most profiles
packages  1.3  12 months  blueness  Add sys-apps/elfix to @system for all hardened profiles
parent  1.3  12 months  blueness  Switch hardened profiles to inherit from 13.0
use.mask  1.18  15 months  zorry  Unmask orc in hardened profile

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