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eapi  1.1  8 months  dilfridge  Increase EAPI to 5
make.defaults  1.7  10 months  dirtyepic  Drop mudflap from default USE.
package.mask  1.11  4 months  zlogene  Cleanup in prefix/linux/package.mask
package.provided  1.5  21 months  heroxbd  sys-linux/linux-sources no longer exists in tree. No ebuild depends on virtual/l…
package.use  1.1  9 months  grobian  Mask crypt and nis for python on Linux due to recurring issues, bug #500116
package.use.mask  1.5  10 months  jer  Spelling.
packages  1.2  4 years  darkside  Add back sys-process/{procps,psmisc} to system set on Gentoo Prefix linux profil…
parent  1.2  10 months  redlizard  Moved most of the prefix base profile to the new features/prefix profile.
profile.bashrc  1.5  4 months  haubi  (<glibc-2.6) -fgnu89-inline is for C only; allow user to override.
use.force  1.1  5 years  solar  Initial commit of prefix profiles on behalf of the prefix community
use.mask  1.4  3 years  flameeyes  Only unmask nouveau for x86 and amd64; follow the x11-base/xorg-drivers masking …

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