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0.88-bigendian.patch  1.1  9 years  hansmi  Fixed bug 18892
0.88-errno.patch  1.2  6 years  flameeyes  Fix patch with absolute paths. (Portage version: 2.2_rc14/cvs/Linux 2.6.27-gento…
0.88-exit.patch  1.1  6 years  hollow  fix #135571; use new qmail.eclass; ebuild cleanup (Portage version:
0.88-head-1.patch  1.1  11 years  vapier  head -1 patch
0.88-limits.patch  1.1  9 years  hansmi  Added patch from bug 98726. Changed herd to qmail, added description to metadata…
0.88-rblsmtpd-ignore-on-RELAYCLIENT.patch  1.1  9 years  robbat2  Bug #80071. rblsmtpd-ignore-on-RELAYCLIENT.patch. (Portage version: …
0.88-tcprules.patch  1.1  9 years  hansmi  Added patch from bug 90679 when having lines without a colon. (Portage version: …
tcprules-Makefile  1.1  10 years  robbat2  Added support for SSL when using IPv6 via a new patch, thanks to Stephen Olesen …

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