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Fri May 2 21:51:12 2014 UTC (7 months, 3 weeks ago) by tetromino
Branch: MAIN
Changes since 1.28: +3 -0 lines
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Fix firefox crash (bug #507478, thanks to Jaak Ristioja and Patrice Levesque). Make lto optional (but enabled by default because cairo is a performance-critical library) and check for enough memory for it (bug #467278, thanks to Alex). Fix build with USE="opengl -X" (bug #483574, thanks to Sergey Popov).

(Portage version: 2.2.10/cvs/Linux x86_64, signed Manifest commit with key CF0ADD61)

1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2 <!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "http://www.gentoo.org/dtd/metadata.dtd">
3 <pkgmetadata>
4 <herd>x11</herd>
5 <maintainer>
6 <email>tetromino@gentoo.org</email>
7 <name>Alexandre Rostovtsev</name>
8 </maintainer>
9 <maintainer>
10 <email>yngwin@gentoo.org</email>
11 <name>Ben de Groot</name>
12 <description>Secondary maintainer (x11 team is primary)</description>
13 </maintainer>
14 <use>
15 <flag name="opengl" restrict="&gt;=x11-libs/cairo-1.10.0">
16 Use Mesa backend for acceleration</flag>
17 <flag name="drm">Use Linux DRM for backend acceleration</flag>
18 <flag name="gallium">Use Mesa's Gallium backend for acceleration</flag>
19 <flag name="gles2">Use OpenGL ES 2 backend for acceleration.</flag>
20 <flag name="glib">Compile with GLib Object System support</flag>
21 <flag name="legacy-drivers">Include the buggy gradients patch (for legacy drivers, such as nvidia-drivers older than 304.30)</flag>
22 <flag name="lto">Try to build with Link-Time Optimization if supported by
23 the compiler. This is recommended by upstream, but can cause build
24 failure in some environments and on machines with little memory.</flag>
25 <flag name="openvg">Use OpenVG for backend acceleration</flag>
26 <flag name="valgrind">Built-in support to mark memory regions</flag>
27 <flag name="xlib-xcb">Use XCB renderer backend for acceleration over xlib</flag>
28 </use>
29 <upstream>
30 <remote-id type="cpe">cpe:/a:cairographics:cairo</remote-id>
31 </upstream>
32 </pkgmetadata>

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