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weeks.py  1.3  8 years  marduk  Only display first 100 day's ebuilds.
util.py  1.1  8 years  marduk  Various utilities for manipulating packages.g.o. Includes homepage_update utili…
search.py  1.4  8 years  marduk  Small speedup.
query_package.py  1.5  8 years  marduk  * fixed code that determines how many pages are in search results
query_ebuild.py  1.4  8 years  marduk  * get mask info from is_masked column * used inline pkgsplit() to avoid having t…
purge_db.py  1.2  10 years  marduk  Had name and category reversed in delete_package
p_objects.py  1.1  9 years  marduk  Adding XML and p_objects work.
new_ebuilds.py  1.1  8 years  marduk  Code to handle the http://packages.gentoo.org/new/ page.
mstring.py  10 years  marduk  
genxml.py  1.1  9 years  marduk  Adding XML and p_objects work.
gentoo.py  1.16  8 years  marduk  Backported arch/prevarch db format from pre_2-0
genrsslist.py  1.3  8 years  marduk  Had to remove "class=" CSS stuff as it was causing problems. Will need to prett…
genarchbar.py  10 years  marduk  
ebuilddb.py  1.8  8 years  marduk  Backported arch/prevarch db format from pre_2-0
daily.py  1.6  8 years  marduk  Backported arch/prevarch db format from pre_2-0
create_package.sql  10 years  marduk  
create_ebuild.sql  1.2  9 years  marduk  Modifying arch column. Archstring is getting rather long so I'm doubleing the si…
changelogs.py  1.6  7 years  marduk  Minor change to CSS output. Fixes bug #137028
categories2.py  1.1  9 years  marduk  We use categories2.py, not categories.py to generate the categories page. Also r…
bugs.py  1.2  9 years  marduk  Code cleanups, new BugFactory functions, removal of cvs parser since 2.3 has one…

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