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handbook.xml  1.13  2 years  hwoarang  Remove devrel handbook. We will use devmanual from now on
hb-introduction-becoming-a-dev.xml  1.8  14 months  hwoarang  fix link
hb-introduction-hierarchy.xml  1.5  6 years  betelgeuse  Add a note saying that new projects must be announced on the mailing lists.
hb-introduction-new-devs.xml  1.19  12 months  hwoarang  Update handbook to mention the new repos.conf configuration. Patch by floppym. B…
hb-introduction-staffers.xml  1.1  6 years  rane  adding new staffer policy
hb-introduction-whatyouget.xml  1.16  4 years  betelgeuse  Document that you should always cross post to an on topic mailing list when usin…
hb-introduction.xml  1.3  8 years  neysx  #146552 s:":":, added date & version tags, No content Change
hb-policy-ebuild.xml  1.29  12 months  hwoarang  Drop variables section It's properly documented in http://devmanual.gentoo.org/
hb-policy-etiquette.xml  1.14  4 years  betelgeuse  Remove revision bumping guidelines from Etiquette policy as the canonical source…

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