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website.xml  1.2  2 years  yngwin  Add myself to website subproject
shots.xml  1.4  3 years  dabbott  fixed link to last years page
roadmap.xml  1.7  2 years  swift  Removing link attribute from guides
press.xml  1.6  4 years  jmbsvicetto  Removed retired developers from project pages and updated lead roles entries.
presentation.xml  1.7  4 years  jmbsvicetto  Removed retired developers from project pages and updated lead roles entries.
media.xml  1.11  2 years  jdhore  Add my FLOSS Weekly appearance to the media page.
material.xml  1.3  2 years  swift  Removing link attribute from guides
index.xml  1.49  5 weeks  hwoarang  Redirect to wiki
Noel_Judge.png  1.1  5 years  dabbott  Noel Saliba screenshot for judges introduction
Marcos_Judge.png  1.1  5 years  dabbott  Markos Chandras screenshot for judges introduction
Fernando_Judge.png  1.1  5 years  dabbott  Added Judge Fernando's screenshot
20120119-milan-interview.xml  1.2  2 years  dabbott  fixed line wrap
2012-screenshot-winners.xml  1.1  2 years  dabbott  2012 screenshot winners page
2012-screenshot-contest.xml  1.3  2 years  dabbott  updated forum link
2011-screenshot-contest.xml  1.2  3 years  dabbott  added link to forum post
20101204-vilhelm-interview.xml  1.3  4 years  dabbott  grammar and punctuation fixups thanks to Jan Kundr├ít
20100830-sevenl-interview.xml  1.1  4 years  dabbott  Interview with David Gallo and Cassius Adams from SevenL Networks
20100401-andrzej-interview.xml  1.1  4 years  dabbott  Andrzej Wasylkowski interview
2010-screenshot-judges.xml  1.5  4 years  dabbott  fixed spelling error
2010-screenshot-contest.xml  1.8  4 years  dabbott  added judges link
20090929-interview-patryk-ostc.xml  1.2  5 years  robbat2  "Derivative" and "Derivatives" are somewhat different in the sense of OSTCs busi…
20090918-jmbsvicetto-interview.xml  1.2  5 years  dabbott  Interview with jmbsvicetto revision
20090724-robbat2-interview.xml  1.4  5 years  nightmorph  add news announcement, item for robbat2's interview by dabbott
2009-screenshot-winners.xml  1.3  2 years  swift  Removing link attribute from guides
2009-screenshot-judges.xml  1.4  5 years  dabbott  fixed spacing
2009-screenshot-contest.xml  1.6  4 years  dabbott  Fixed winners link

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