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2011-01-02 Christian RuppertThe devmanual repository has been moved to a new locati... master
2010-08-10 hwoarangUpdate and commit patch from bug #182253
2010-08-04 Jeremy Olexause-flags: Add note about USE flags for rdeps that...
2010-08-04 Jeremy Olexaeclass-reference: Add note about installing eclass...
2010-07-18 Markos ChandrasRefactor epatch section for compressed patches. Bug...
2010-07-18 Markos ChandrasRefactor src_unpack to reflect EAPI>=2 usage. Bug ...
2010-07-16 Markos ChandrasAdd my name to contributors
2010-07-16 Markos ChandrasMinor fixes thanks to Mark Loeser
2010-07-16 Markos ChandrasInitial commit of src_prepare function
2010-07-16 Markos ChandrasFixed typo on metadata.xml example
2010-07-15 Markos ChandrasFix metadata.xml file wrt bug #325801
2010-07-15 Jeremy Olexause-flags: Add note that one must not manually edit...
2010-07-15 Jeremy Olexause-flags: Add link to GLEP 56
2010-07-15 Jeremy Olexause-flags: reformat source for readabilty
2010-07-15 Jeremy Olexause-flags: Add category for msmtp
2010-07-15 Jeremy Olexause-flags: Fix desciption of metadata.xml location
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