2010-05-08 Jeremy OlexaHeader and Footer changes master
2010-05-08 Jeremy OlexaMake anon.g.o links clickable
2010-05-08 Jeremy OlexaFix header to display checkout instructions
2010-05-08 Jeremy OlexaGentoo Bug 224241: Add link to sources.g.o/gitweb
2010-05-08 Jeremy OlexaUse Gentoo favicon
2010-03-24 Jeremy OlexaUpdate styles.css to match the existing site, close...
2010-03-24 Jeremy OlexaDistinguish between CVS and SVN repos
2010-03-24 Jeremy Olexaupdate header to use gentoo branding
2010-03-24 Jeremy OlexaInitial commit. Default template from viewvc package