2014-07-16 Robin H. JohnsonChange profile to a new base, needs to not be an arch. master
2014-07-15 Pavlos Ratisupdate copyright, bug 512604
2014-03-17 Alec Warneriter_read_bash moved to bash module.
2014-01-25 Christian RuppertFix schema check for MySQL
2014-01-25 Christian RuppertBump schema to add the arm64 arch
2014-01-18 Robin H. JohnsonHandle more arches.
2013-12-20 Alec WarnerChange to https for google's jsapi.
2013-11-17 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate copyright date per bug #350759.
2013-04-14 Christian RuppertTypo
2013-04-14 Brian HarringRemove unused code.
2013-04-12 Christian RuppertBump Python version
2012-12-30 Alec WarnerReturn 404s instead of 500s for many error cases.
2012-12-30 Alec WarnerChange to GMT to meet RFC requirements and fix bug...
2012-10-02 Alec WarnerDon't prefix urls with a scheme if they already have...
2012-07-06 Alec WarnerDo not render an HTML search box (google will render...
2012-07-06 Alec WarnerDon't alert people when we run a search.
2012-05-20 Robin H. JohnsonChange definition of exotic arches, and add cygwin...
2012-01-19 Robin H. JohnsonHandle URLs wrapped with quotes in changelog messages...
2011-11-11 Christian RuppertFix bugzilla statuses
2011-11-11 Christian RuppertFix <herd> interpretation to not cause errors
2011-07-08 Robin H. JohnsonFix typo.
2011-07-08 Robin H. JohnsonCSE API seems annoying.
2011-07-08 Robin H. JohnsonMore CSE debug.
2011-07-08 Robin H. JohnsonFix typo.
2011-07-08 Robin H. JohnsonDebugging.
2011-07-08 Robin H. JohnsonEven more CSE.
2011-07-08 Robin H. JohnsonMore CSE UI.
2011-07-08 Robin H. JohnsonChange Google CSE to redirect to a google page like...
2011-07-08 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate Google custom search code.
2011-07-08 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate Google webmaster verification code so we can...
2011-07-08 Robin H. JohnsonImprove version detection code.
2010-04-04 Robin H. JohnsonCherryPy 3.1 requires that engine.start is NOT called...
2010-04-03 Robin H. JohnsonNo news spew.
2010-04-03 Robin H. JohnsonCONFIG_ROOT changed to PORTAGE_CONFIGROOT in new setups.
2010-04-03 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate the make.globals from newer Portage.
2010-03-08 Robin H. JohnsonFix fetch bug.
2010-03-08 Robin H. JohnsonBug #283077: start on using Manifests to detect changes.
2010-03-08 Robin H. JohnsonFinal fix to parser.
2010-03-08 Robin H. JohnsonMore author match.
2010-03-08 Robin H. JohnsonTry to improve author matching.
2010-03-08 Robin H. Johnson2010 is a valid year.
2010-03-08 Robin H. JohnsonBug #295336: rel=nofollow on homepage links.
2010-03-08 Robin H. JohnsonAdd John to AUTHORS.
2010-03-08 John KlehmMention in the config file that sqlite support is curre...
2010-03-08 John KlehmAdd fixing sqlite support to the todo list. Queries...
2010-03-08 John KlehmGive a template for CHOST value in the example file...
2010-03-08 John KlehmManuel Schoelling's form based google site search box.
2010-01-26 Robin H. JohnsonUse system snakeoil now.
2010-01-26 Robin H. Johnsonferringb found a workaround.
2010-01-24 Robin H. JohnsonFix symlink for removal.
2010-01-11 Robin H. JohnsonNew arch in the list.
2009-11-24 Robin H. JohnsonPkgcore 0.5 split out CPV into versioned and unversione...
2009-10-11 Robin H. JohnsonNew prefix arch.
2009-09-08 Robin H. JohnsonMigration for Python 2.5.
2009-09-03 Robin H. JohnsonMinor commit to test sources.g.o mirroring.
2009-08-28 Robin H. JohnsonMissing a cache layer for date queries.
2009-08-28 Robin H. JohnsonFix memcache key for new date code.
2009-08-28 Robin H. JohnsonBug #233104: support for /data/YYYYMMDD/ pages. Thanks...
2009-08-28 Robin H. JohnsonAllow excess whitespace between "bug" and the bug number.
2009-08-28 Robin H. JohnsonUse SSL for forums and bugzilla.
2009-08-28 Robin H. JohnsonAdd scrollbars for overflowing arches on prefix/all.
2009-08-28 Robin H. JohnsonSplit arches into a seperate element first.
2009-08-24 Robin H. JohnsonMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://
2009-08-24 Robin H. JohnsonReturn the correct contents.
2009-08-24 Robin H. JohnsonHelper for deployment.
2009-08-24 Robin H. JohnsonSkip causing the dupe warning.
2009-08-18 Robin H. JohnsonMissing arg.
2009-08-18 Robin H. JohnsonAllow forcing of updates to propogate down.
2009-08-18 Robin H. JohnsonEnable forcing of updates.
2009-08-18 Robin H. JohnsonCatch an error better.
2009-08-18 Robin H. JohnsonWatch out for empty licenses.
2009-06-28 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate the expiry date for the old forwards.
2009-06-28 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate the docs.
2009-06-28 Robin H. JohnsonMissed one arches item.
2009-06-28 Robin H. JohnsonLots of new arches.
2009-06-05 Robin H. JohnsonChange default expiry time to every 30 minutes, on...
2009-06-05 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate FAQ to state the ordering of results per bug...
2009-06-03 Robin H. JohnsonRemove the old time arguments for memcache usage.
2009-06-03 Robin H. JohnsonOverride the time arguments elsewhere, expire on every...
2009-06-03 Robin H. JohnsonEnable memcache for all get_ functions during rendering...
2008-11-30 Robin H. JohnsonAdd more stats.
2008-11-30 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate install.
2008-11-30 Robin H. JohnsonRemove explicit copy of pkgcore.
2008-11-30 Robin H. JohnsonIgnore junk.
2008-11-30 Robin H. JohnsonMake a symlink called portdir that we can update.
2008-11-30 Robin H. JohnsonReload the config later.
2008-11-27 Robin H. JohnsonAdd a bit of debug for later.
2008-08-05 Robin H. JohnsonInclude a last-time changed suffix in the ids for each...
2008-08-05 Robin H. JohnsonAlways validate the list index before using. There...
2008-08-05 Robin H. JohnsonFix for bug #232234.
2008-08-04 Robin H. JohnsonTemp fix for broken pkginfo expansion.
2008-06-24 Robin H. JohnsonTesting commit scripts sucks #2.
2008-06-24 Robin H. JohnsonTesting commit scripts sucks.
2008-06-24 Robin H. JohnsonOne more.
2008-06-24 Robin H. JohnsonRemove testing blob.
2008-06-24 Robin H. JohnsonFun.
2008-06-24 Robin H. JohnsonFun.
2008-06-24 Robin H. JohnsonMore test fun.
2008-06-24 Robin H. JohnsonAdd a test note.
2008-06-24 Robin H. JohnsonHandle empty changelog requiets.