2007-11-14 Robin H. JohnsonFix missing "not" in FAQ entry, and mention package... v1.0.2
2007-11-14 Robin H. JohnsonLast minute CSS fixes for broken browsers. v1.0.1
2007-11-14 Robin H. JohnsonFix whitespace.
2007-11-14 Robin H. JohnsonMake ALL font and area sizes relative, for folk with...
2007-11-14 Robin H. JohnsonRefactor lastupdated timestamps, so that RSS and HTML...
2007-11-12 Markus UllmannAdd correct timestamp to feeds
2007-11-12 Markus UllmannFix feed error, wrong module
2007-11-11 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate expiry time.
2007-11-11 Robin H. Johnson/categories/ did not hit a cache.
2007-11-11 Robin H. JohnsonFactor out forums URL.
2007-11-11 Robin H. JohnsonUse memcache.
2007-11-11 Robin H. JohnsonSplit up the code a bit more.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonCleanup. v1.0.0
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonWrapper moved, and remember the timeout now.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonFactor out some duplicate MC code.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonRemove the pickle testing and workaround now that it...
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonCache fun.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonSlight more fix from ferringb.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonFix from ferringb for CPV failure to pickle.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonFixup.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonInclude TTLs on memcache objects.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonUse memcache for storing keywords and details.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonNew style config.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonAdd memcached abstract support.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonPut init after sanity check.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonAdd cache accessors.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonFactor the caching to seperate functions.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonBad exit line.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonDocument privileges seps.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonAdd scripts for running updates as cronjobs.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://robbat2@git.gentoo...
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonProcess pmask entries.
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonAllow access to the pmask entry data.
2007-11-10 roottesting version goes on port 8081 since 8081 is taken...
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonMake more specific config stuff not be stored in the...
2007-11-10 Robin H. JohnsonThis is the script used for cronjob.
2007-11-08 Robin H. JohnsonMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://robbat2@git.gentoo...
2007-11-08 Robin H. JohnsonFix px sizing for font.
2007-11-08 Robin H. JohnsonAllow + in package names.
2007-11-08 Markus UllmannBe python 2.4 compatible
2007-11-08 Markus Ullmann'None' is not None...
2007-11-08 Markus UllmannA minor fix for arch check
2007-11-08 Markus Ullmannsort package by cpv instead of cpvstring and micro...
2007-11-08 Robin H. JohnsonAdd linkage for full_cat/latest switch inside categories.
2007-11-08 Robin H. JohnsonHTTPS link for bugs.
2007-11-07 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate link for source.
2007-11-07 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate TODO lists.
2007-11-07 Robin H. JohnsonAdd stats in update output.
2007-11-07 Robin H. JohnsonMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://robbat2@git.gentoo...
2007-11-07 Robin H. JohnsonHook up deletion code.
2007-11-07 Robin H. JohnsonMake add_versions return the IDs of the new items,...
2007-11-07 Robin H. JohnsonProvide DELETE functions for database cleanups.
2007-11-07 Robin H. JohnsonAdd functions to select CP/CPV ids for deletion detection.
2007-11-07 Robin H. JohnsonBehave correctly if Changelog is missing.
2007-11-05 Markus Ullmanna single python open suffices and fix a ciavc error...
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonAdd categories link.
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate FAQ and FRONTEND_FEATURES.
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonAdd sucky rendering of footer.
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonClean up HTML for categories and add stats.
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonTemplate for /categories/ view. Needs CSS still.
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonBuilding of /categories/ data.
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonEnable hit of categories.
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://robbat2@git.gentoo...
2007-11-05 Robin H. Johnsonpylint cleanups.
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonProvide categories implementation.
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://robbat2@git.gentoo...
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonFix link for reporting bugs.
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonAdd categories template file.
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonStart work on category list page.
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonFix slight bug with replacement stuff.
2007-11-05 Robin H. JohnsonSQLite should not use INDEX in table creation.
2007-11-04 Robin H. JohnsonAlways include all arches when selecting a set of CPV...
2007-10-31 Markus Ullmannswap some code from into own modules
2007-10-29 Robin H. JohnsonTypo fix.
2007-10-29 Robin H. JohnsonComment out debug code.
2007-10-29 Robin H. JohnsonAdd naive caching.
2007-10-29 Robin H. JohnsonPut the cache outside the thread.
2007-10-29 Robin H. JohnsonAdd a naive cache for get_package_details and get_packa...
2007-10-29 Robin H. JohnsonComments about feature request.
2007-10-29 Robin H. JohnsonRight colour for blocked packages.
2007-10-29 Robin H. JohnsonRevert "demand_regex_compile instead of re.compile...
2007-10-29 Robin H. JohnsonTurn on debug on 8080.
2007-10-29 Robin H. JohnsonUse safer mode code.
2007-10-29 Robin H. JohnsonMerge branch 'master' of git+ssh://robbat2@git.gentoo...
2007-10-28 Markus Ullmanndon't like use? as doc
2007-10-28 Markus UllmannAllow arch visibility switching everywhere (as reported...
2007-10-28 Markus Ullmannmore TODO
2007-10-26 Markus Ullmanndemand_regex_compile instead of re.compile to speed...
2007-10-26 Robin H. Johnson+ is also valid in a package name!
2007-10-26 Robin H. JohnsonCache the static filter results. Regenerated when the...
2007-10-26 Robin H. JohnsonMove duplicate code.
2007-10-26 Robin H. JohnsonClean up banner
2007-10-26 Robin H. JohnsonClean up whitespace.
2007-10-26 Robin H. JohnsonRemove profiler junk.
2007-10-26 Robin H. JohnsonImprove the numbers slightly.
2007-10-26 Robin H. JohnsonMove the MySQL model to using PooledDB.
2007-10-26 Robin H. JohnsonGo global database.
2007-10-26 Robin H. JohnsonUse correct path to model.
2007-10-26 Robin H. JohnsonTuning of application start.
2007-10-26 Robin H. JohnsonGlobalize the compiled regular expressions.