2014-11-24 Michał GórnyCommit the initial item for new bash-completion framework master
2014-11-24 Mike GilbertRemove python3.4 news item.
2014-11-23 Mike Gilbertpython3_4 default
2014-11-17 Raúl PorcelAdd news item for kgcc64 sparc removal
2014-11-09 Mike GilbertDrop systemd-to-usr news
2014-11-07 Samuli SuominenInform users that firmware loading is now done kernelsi...
2014-10-26 Anthony G.... News item about C++11 ABI-compatibility
2014-10-22 Anthony G.... How to upgrade to musl-1.1.5
2014-10-22 Richard FreemanPublish MythTV SchedulesDirect news.
2014-10-04 Anthony G.... News item about the restructuring of the mips profiles
2014-09-03 Ryan HillAdd FreeBSD keywords as requested in bug #511698.
2014-08-23 Robin H. JohnsonMinor commit to test push.
2014-08-20 Brian Evansnews item for mysql 5.5 upgrade
2014-07-16 William Hubbsnews item about dhcpcd-6.4.2 changing defaults
2014-07-07 Samuli SuominenAdd a hint for old GNOME users based on discussion...
2014-06-16 Ryan HillNews item for GCC 4.8.3.
2014-06-03 Samuli SuominenPush UPower news item, purposely don't wait days for...
2014-03-16 Manuel RügerAdd news item about ruby 1.8 removal.
2014-03-12 Samuli SuominenFix typing error in Display-If-Installed line.
2014-03-12 Rick Farina... Profile EAPI 5 update
2014-02-26 Jorge Manuel... Add missing asc file for the catalyst news item.
2014-02-25 Samuli SuominenInform users about the network .rules filename change...
2014-02-02 Jorge Manuel... Add a news item about changes in catalyst's
2014-01-18 Jorge Manuel... Drop old news about make.conf and make.profile move...
2014-01-07 Pacho RamosSome people only had gdm-2.20
2013-11-23 Pacho RamosAdd Gnome 3.8 stabilization news item
2013-11-07 Michał GórnyCommit a news item explaining the python-exec move...
2013-10-24 Andreas K.... commit second "minor arches" news item
2013-10-14 Mike GilbertAdd GRUB2 migration item
2013-09-27 William Hubbsadd newsitem about initramfs requirement
2013-09-22 Andreas K.... Add newsitem about "m68k, s390, sh are dropping stable...
2013-08-23 Andreas K.... Add news item about non-localized emerge output
2013-08-08 Mike PaganoAdd vanilla-sources stablization news item
2013-06-30 Andreas K.... Add newsitem preceding net-print/cups-1.6 stabilization
2013-06-07 Zac Medico2013-06-07-portage-preserve-libs-default: correct Poste...
2013-06-07 Zac MedicoAdd 2013-06-07-portage-preserve-libs-default
2013-06-02 Robin H. JohnsonPBXT now unsupported in MySQL/MariaDB
2013-04-10 William HubbsAdd final deprecation news item for baselayout-1.x...
2013-03-31 Samuli SuominenFix off-by-one typing error.
2013-03-30 William Hubbsclean up udev upgrade news item
2013-03-30 Samuli SuominenFix lenght of the Title again.
2013-03-29 Samuli SuominenThis is not valid news anymore. Remove.
2013-03-29 Samuli SuominenAdd link to Gentoo wiki udev upgrade page
2013-03-29 Samuli SuominenAdd link to Gentoo wiki udev upgrade page
2013-03-29 Samuli SuominenFix typing error.
2013-03-29 Samuli SuominenDelete the old udev upgrade news item, by combining...
2013-03-22 Michael PalimakaRemove obsolete KDE-related news items as discussed...
2013-03-19 Michael PalimakaRemove obsolete "as-needed-default" news item as discus...
2013-03-13 Samuli Suominenminor coding style update
2013-03-13 Samuli Suominenupdate
2013-02-10 Andreas K.... Add news item about new 13.0 profiles, in two versions...
2013-01-23 Samuli Suominenudev news
2012-11-06 Michał GórnyAdd a news item on PYTHON_TARGETS.
2012-09-09 Jorge Manuel... Add signature to the "update to catalyst" news item.
2012-09-09 Jorge Manuel... Add signature to the "make.conf and make.profile move...
2012-09-09 Jorge Manuel... Add "make.conf and make.profile move" news item.
2012-09-09 Jorge Manuel... Add "updates to catalyst" news item.
2012-07-23 Eray AslanAdd "upgrading-postfix" news item
2012-05-21 Zac MedicoAdd "Portage config-protect-if-modified default"
2012-04-24 Samuli SuominenUpdate signature. Thanks to tove for noticing.
2012-04-24 Samuli SuominenDrop the SLOT reference from the emerge command to...
2012-04-24 Samuli SuominenCommit news item for libjpeg-turbo to unconfuse users.
2012-03-16 William Hubbsadd news item about udev 181 unmasking
2012-02-16 Ulrich MüllerRemove empty dirs.
2012-02-16 Michał GórnyFix incorrectly named directories.
2012-02-14 William HubbsAdd news item about baselayout-1.x deprecation.
2012-01-07 Michał GórnyAdd a news file about systemd -> /usr migration.
2012-01-02 Thomas BeierleinAdd news item about bacula upgrade
2011-12-06 Andreas HüttelAdd news item about KDE 4.7.3 + KDEPIM stabilization
2011-11-27 Nirbheek ChauhanCommit news file for GNOME 3
2011-10-15 Samuli SuominenErr, correct the date
2011-10-15 Samuli Suominennews item for libpng15
2011-08-28 Chí-Thanh ChristopherAdd mesa r600g news item, bug #377349.
2011-05-23 Jonathan CallenAdd signature
2011-05-23 Jonathan Callenit appears that only eapi-0 atoms are allowed :(
2011-05-23 Jonathan CallenAdd news item about kdeprefix removal
2011-05-05 Tomas ChvatalFix typo in as-needed news item
2011-05-01 William HubbsAdd baselayout-2/openrc news item, bug #295613.
2011-04-27 Samuli SuominenMake some of the text even more clear by dberkholz
2011-04-27 Samuli SuominenCommit glib news item
2011-04-26 Bernard CafarelliCommit new gnustep layout news item
2011-02-19 Vlastimil BabkaAdd news item for java support removal on ia64, bug...
2011-02-18 Pacho RamosCommit Gnome 2.32 news item.
2011-02-16 Pacho RamosCommit libgphoto2 news item after 3 days of posting...
2010-11-12 Anthony G.Resigned with correct key
2010-11-12 Anthony G.Added news item 2010-11-13-hardened-profiles
2010-10-27 Magnus GranbergAdded news item 2010-10-27-hardened-gcc4-info
2010-10-22 Torsten VellerAdd 2010-10-22-perl-5.12-upgrade-procedure
2010-09-14 Robin H.Upstream updated documentation.
2010-08-02 Tomas ChvatalFix typo Content-*T*ype. Reported by pepper.
2010-08-01 Tomas ChvatalAdd --as-needed enabled by default news item.
2010-05-02 Pacho RamosAdd Gnome 2.28 stabilization news item
2010-03-25 Arfrever FrehtesAdd news item for Python 3.1.
2010-03-23 Theo Chatzimichosadd news item about splitting desktop profile
2010-03-04 Samuli SuominenCommit missing GPG sign.
2010-03-03 Sebastian PippingImprove layman new item (mainly for bug #307511)
2010-03-01 Richard FreemanMythTV 0.22 Upgrade Announcement
2010-02-28 Sebastian PippingAdd layman storage path change message
2010-02-25 Robin H.Update news item for _r too.
2010-02-22 Ulrich MüllerRemove empty dirs.