2 days ago Robin H. JohnsonImprove handling of description detection. master
10 days ago Robin H. JohnsonMerge branch 'old-master'
2014-08-03 Robin H. JohnsonMore debug.
2014-08-03 Robin H. JohnsonFix typo.
2014-08-03 Robin H. JohnsonMore refactoring.
2014-08-03 Robin H. JohnsonRefactor to find a nil.
2014-05-12 Alex LeglerReturn NA when a service has no data for a given host.
2014-04-30 Alex LeglerBe more resilient to status.json update failures
2014-04-27 Alex LeglerLoad site_logo.png from CDN as well
2014-04-26 Alex LeglerRemove bundled jquery, replaced by CDN version
2014-04-26 Alex LeglerRemove bundled assets, use CDN version of Tyrian assets
2014-04-26 Alex LeglerFix tooltip location to avoid :last-child bugs
2014-04-20 Alex Leglerglyphicons update
2014-04-20 Alex Leglerfix symlinked file
2014-04-20 Alex Leglerinfra-status 1.5
2014-04-17 Alex Legler...but all visible notices count when calculating the...
2014-04-17 Alex LeglerMake only active notices apply overrides
2014-04-17 Alex LeglerRevert "Right-align ETA in desktop browsers."
2014-04-17 Alex LeglerRight-align ETA in desktop browsers.
2014-04-17 Alex LeglerNotice footer rework
2014-04-17 Alex LeglerImplement starts_at
2014-04-17 Alex LeglerSet <title> when displaying a notice
2014-04-16 Alex LeglerRemove services.rb
2014-03-01 Jeremy Olexadevmanual moved to brambling
2014-03-01 Jeremy Olexafix rsync service to use proper hosts
2014-01-18 Alex Leglerupdate tyrian
2014-01-18 Alex LeglerOverlays on spoonbill now
2014-01-14 Alex LeglerRework footer (2)
2014-01-14 Alex LeglerRework footer
2014-01-14 Alex LeglerUse proper update times
2014-01-14 Alex LeglerRescue JSON parse failures
2014-01-11 Alex LeglerFix recursion in update logic
2014-01-11 Alex LeglerDisplay cache times
2014-01-11 Alex LeglerProperly clear the ServiceRegistry cache
2014-01-11 Alex LeglerProperly clear the ServiceRegistry cache
2014-01-11 Alex LeglerProperly clear the ServiceRegistry cache
2014-01-11 Alex LeglerRemove header buttons on XS screens
2013-11-12 Alex LeglerLink to favicon
2013-11-12 Alex LeglerImplement proper sorting
2013-11-12 Alex LeglerSet link in Atom feed
2013-11-12 Alex LeglerAdd license and basic author info
2013-11-11 Alex LeglerAdd piwik code
2013-11-11 Alex LeglerOnly display active notices
2013-11-11 Alex LeglerFix MY_URL
2013-11-11 Alex LeglerAdd views, move to local jQuery
2013-11-11 Alex Leglerv2
2012-11-17 Alex Legler.gitignore
2012-11-17 Alex LeglerBare sinatra/bundler setup
2012-11-07 Robin H. JohnsonAlter wording. nanoc old-master old-nanoc
2012-11-07 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate checked things.
2012-11-06 Robin H. JohnsonAlways look before you leap into hashes.
2012-04-25 Alex LeglerActually define to_date
2012-04-25 Alex Leglerlast update and generation dates
2012-04-25 Alex Leglerdisplay masterportage and masterrsync status
2012-02-28 Alex LeglerRender an empty document when there are no items available.
2012-02-28 Alex LeglerReplace hardcoded status.json location with app root
2012-02-28 Alex Legler.gitignore status.json and config.yaml
2012-02-28 Alex LeglerMove config.yaml to config.yaml.dist
2012-02-28 Alex LeglerInitial commit