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2014-10-10 Alex LeglerMake columns configurable via services.rb as well master
2014-10-10 Alex LeglerImprove exception handling
2014-10-09 Alex LeglerAdd blogs
2014-09-21 Alex LeglerGoodbye sharing
2014-09-21 Alex LeglerUse httpdate which uses GMT instead of +0000
2014-09-21 Alex LeglerActually link to the Logo and Name guidelines
2014-09-21 Alex LeglerThanks for the icons, but no more attribution needed.
2014-09-21 Alex LeglerReplace pixel icons with vector icons from the glyph...
2014-09-20 Alex LeglerRender visible notices; not just active notices on...
2014-09-20 Alex LeglerRework notice selection JS
2014-09-20 Alex LeglerBe more resilient to bad notices
2014-09-20 Robin H. JohnsonRefactor notice selection and make it more foolproof...
2014-09-11 Robin H. JohnsonUpdate the example.
2014-09-10 Robin H. JohnsonAnd robin needs to stop thinking in Perl.
2014-08-27 Robin H. JohnsonImprove handling of description detection.
2014-08-18 Robin H. JohnsonMerge branch 'old-master'
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