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* Merge pull request #86 from dastergon/misc_flake8Theo Chatzimichos2013-09-088-92/+111
| * fix misc pep8 errorsPavlos Ratis2013-09-088-92/+111
* | increase tests verbosity to 2Pavlos Ratis2013-09-081-1/+1
* add integration tests for settingsPavlos Ratis2013-09-041-0/+77
* move password and email settings to another pagePavlos Ratis2013-09-046-14/+168
* add support for user settingsPavlos Ratis2013-09-017-9/+397
* Add tests for ldapuser and get_bound_ldapuserTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-282-3/+89
* Bring back a needed import, and exclude it from flake checksTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-261-0/+1
* Enable ./setup.py test functionalityTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-261-0/+26
* okupy.tests is not an app anymore, and it's not needed by the discover runnerTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-261-1/+0
* Fix flake8 errorsTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-2624-154/+299
* switch back to non-relative imports, they proved to be confusingTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-2528-70/+72
* Move OkupyError to okupy/__init__Theo Chatzimichos2013-08-254-7/+6
* Add tests for SSH handlers.Michał Górny2013-08-253-14/+218
* Store SSH handler list in settings.Michał Górny2013-08-253-8/+11
* Support authentication using SSH.Michał Górny2013-08-259-4/+146
* Reset RNG in @postfork.Michał Górny2013-08-251-0/+6
* Introduce the concept of auth handlers.Michał Górny2013-08-252-1/+25
* Initial SSH server support.Michał Górny2013-08-255-1/+114
* Remove search_s.seed, as it is now covered by mockldapTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-2411-73/+12
* stop spamming the logs when running the testsTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-241-14/+5
* Merge pull request #75 from tampakrap/tests_v2Theo Chatzimichos2013-08-235-3/+149
| * Add tests for the accounts listsTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-232-0/+116
| * Add support for negative queries in set_search_seedTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-211-2/+5
| * Add more attrs to the test accounts, for more testingTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-211-1/+23
| * add test to ensure that anon gets redirected to requested next URLTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-191-0/+5
* | SSLCertAuthBackend: make request mandatory.Michał Górny2013-08-233-22/+8
* | Add tests for SSL auth.Michał Górny2013-08-232-0/+132
* | Switch ciphers to output urlsafe base64.Michał Górny2013-08-214-12/+12
* | Move crypto-related stuff to okupy.crypto.Michał Górny2013-08-2114-37/+40
* | 'Pack' session id into binary string before encrypting.Michał Górny2013-08-211-3/+25
* | Use AES as OkupyCipher.Michał Górny2013-08-212-5/+5
* | IDCipher: use unpadded base32 as well.Michał Górny2013-08-212-4/+3
* | Encode encrypted session ID using base32.Michał Górny2013-08-211-3/+3
* | Add unpadded base32 en-/decoder to crypto.Michał Górny2013-08-212-7/+15
* | RevokedToken: fix timezone issues.Michał Górny2013-08-211-2/+3
* | SessionRefCipher: atomically revoke IDs using RevokedToken model.Michał Górny2013-08-211-3/+7
* | Move RevokedToken to common and make it more universal.Michał Górny2013-08-215-53/+56
* | Revoke used encrypted session IDs.Michał Górny2013-08-212-0/+25
* | Add random prefix to randomize generated encrypted session IDs.Michał Górny2013-08-211-2/+8
* | SessionRefCipher: do more assertions about cache key format.Michał Górny2013-08-211-4/+8
* | Move session ID encryption, decryption & validation to SessionRefCipher.Michał Górny2013-08-214-34/+84
* | ssl_auth: check decrypted session ID validity.Michał Górny2013-08-202-10/+12
* | SSL auth: decrypt session ID in forms cleanup.Michał Górny2013-08-202-4/+14
* | test_cipher: check if wrong ciphertext length triggers ValueError.Michał Górny2013-08-201-0/+5
* | Raise ValueError on short ciphertext.Michał Górny2013-08-202-0/+7
* | test_cipher: respect block_size.Michał Górny2013-08-201-16/+23
* | OkupyCipher: make block_size a public property.Michał Górny2013-08-201-2/+8
* Add tests/vars.py that stores variables used by the testsTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-1911-208/+187
* Remove the fixtureTheo Chatzimichos2013-08-191-13/+0