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-.TH "PERL-MODULE" "5" "Jun 2003" "Portage 2.0.48" "portage"
-perl-module \- handles generic perl module ebuilds
-The \fBperl-module\fR eclass is used for the compilation, testing, and
-installation of perl modules within the portage system, following
-vanilla procedure for modules using either \fBExtUtils::MakeMaker\fR(3pm)
-or \fBModule::Builder\fR(3pm).
-.B "style" = \fI"[builder|makemaker]"\fR
-This variable allows you to choose which package to use as the default
-for building the module. If you do not specify a \fIstyle\fR, then
-the default \fBExtUtils::MakeMaker\fR(3pm) will be used.
-.B perl-module_src_prep
-Create the initial Makefile.
-.B perl-module_src_compile
-Calls \fBperl-module_src_prep\fR if it hasn't been already. Runs
-initial make.
-.B perl-module_src_test
-If invoked, runs all the tests distributed with the module.
-.B perl-module_src_install
-Runs `make install` (or the \fBModule::Builder\fR(3pm) equivelant if it
-is a builder module). Also cleans build paths from pod files and
-generated perllocal.pod.
-.B perl-module_pkg_setup
-Calls \fBperlinfo\fR.
-.B perl-module_pkg_preinst
-Calls \fBperlinfo\fR.
-.B perl-module_pkg_postinst
-Calls \fBupdatepod\fR.
-.B perl-module_pkg_prerm
-Calls \fBupdatepod\fR.
-.B perl-module_pkg_postrm
-Calls \fBupdatepod\fR.
-.B perlinfo
-Updates the gentoo-pods documentation.
-.B updatepod
-Cleans the perllocal.pods in ARCH_LIB and SITE_LIB.
-Please report bugs via http://bugs.gentoo.org/
-.BR ebuild (5),
-.BR ExtUtils::MakeMaker (3pm),
-.BR Module::Build (3pm),
-.BR perl (1)
-.BR /usr/portage/eclass/perl-module.eclass
-Michael Cummings <mcummings@gentoo.org>
-Mike Frysinger <vapier@gentoo.org>
-$Header: /local/data/ulm/cvs/history/var/cvsroot/gentoo-src/portage/man/perl-module.eclass.5,v 1.1 2003/07/01 13:28:22 vapier Exp $