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* BUILDDIR has been renamedMike Frysinger2005-05-041-7/+4
* _pre21 plus an autouse() change that might fix the deadlock issues.Nicholas Jones2004-09-091-1/+8
* Lots of stuff. -49-r17 candidate.portage_2_0_49_r17_pre1Nicholas Jones2003-11-101-7/+9
* portage-2.0.49-r13/14portage_2_0_49_r14portage_2_0_49_r13Nicholas Jones2003-10-131-1/+5
* Comment about virtuals modifications.Nicholas Jones2003-09-251-1/+6
* Added to it.Nicholas Jones2003-09-221-1/+7
* Add in variable renaming for ebuild.shNicholas Jones2003-08-261-2/+8
* Quick updates, userpriv fix.Nicholas Jones2003-08-161-7/+10
* Updated with stickies info.Nicholas Jones2003-08-061-3/+5
* Updated list.Nicholas Jones2003-08-061-4/+23
* *** empty log message ***Nicholas Jones2003-05-211-1/+2
* Cleanups for 48_pre6Nicholas Jones2003-05-121-0/+5