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Fri Dec 28 23:49:22 2001 UTC (17 years, 9 months ago) by azarah
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add help, etc

1 # ChangeLog for Gentoo Linux System Intialization ("rc") scripts
2 # Copyright 2001 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.; Distributed under the GPL
3 # Written by Daniel Robbins (drobbins@gentoo.org)
5 28 Dec 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org); Updated
6 /etc/init.d/depscan.sh to store info about missing dependancies of
7 type 'need' in ${svcdir}/broken. Also updated /etc/init.d/runscript.sh
8 to use this when starting a script ('need' dependancies is critical for
9 startup). Added the broken() function to /etc/init.d/runscript.sh
10 to list the missing dependancies.
12 Updated /etc/init.d/runscript.sh for svc_start() to have better error
13 checking.
15 Updated /etc/init.d/functions.sh with ewend(), which is the same as
16 eend(), but print a warning on error, not a error. Updated
17 /etc/init.d/checkroot and /etc/init.d/checkfs to use this function.
19 27 Dec 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org); Update /sbin/runscript.c
20 to run /etc/init.d/rc-help.sh if no arguments is passed to a rc-script.
22 Added /etc/init.d/rc-help.sh, simple script that prints out help for
23 the rc-scripts.
25 25 Dec 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org); Update
26 /etc/init.d/shutdown.sh and /etc/init.d/reboot.sh not to force the
27 halt and reboot. This fixes a problem where / was not unmounted
28 properly in some cases.
30 24 Dec 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Move $svcdir to
31 to /etc/init.d/functions.sh, and update /etc/init.d/runscript.sh and
32 /etc/init.d/depscan.sh for this
34 Modified /etc/init.d/runscript.sh to also restart the services that
35 depend on a service if that service is restarted. Enhanced the
36 restart function to be able to have custom restart() functions in
37 rc-scripts. The custom restart() have to use svc_stop() and
38 svc_start() to restart the service.
40 Add a pause function to /etc/init.d/runscript.sh. It will basically
41 stop a service without stopping the services that depends on that
42 service.
44 * rc-scripts 1.2.3 (18 Dec 2001)
46 16 Dec 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Moved the stuff from
47 /sbin/init (old) to /sbin/rc (basically drop the init wrapper we used).
49 Some cleanups: take out the shm resize comment;
51 remove the $wrongmount;
53 remove the mountshm() function and insert it directly
54 where needed;
56 remove the setting of $PATH as /sbin/init already do
57 this for us.
59 Added the if statement to detect if it is the first time the 'boot'
60 runlevel is executed (if [ "$RUNLEVEL" = "S" ] && [ "$argv1" = "boot" ]).
61 $RUNLEVEL is a env var set by /sbin/init.
63 Also added functionality to detect if the kernel have DEVFS support
64 compiled in; seems new users thinks devfs is unstable and as they do
65 not always read the docs, it does not get compiled in ;/ Should
66 make live for us a bit easier.
68 14 Dec 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Fixed /sbin/rc to kill
69 a cosmetic bug in the part that stops all the unneeded services.
71 * rc-scripts 1.2.2 (8 Dec 2001)
73 10 Dec 2001; Added a localhost entry in /etc/hosts.
75 8 Dec 2001; Donny Davies (woodchip@gentoo.org): Added start-stop-daemon.c
76 to rc-scripts/sbin source. Moved rc-scripts/init.d/runscript.c to
77 rc-scripts/sbin/runscript.c. Added manpage for start-stop-daemon.
78 Start-stop-daemon is moved here from sysvinit by the way. There is stuff
79 in this ChangeLog that needs to be removed! Like the changes to hosts,
80 profile. /etc/{passwd,group} have minor UID and GID type fixes for
81 users ftp, postgres, xfs. Tweaked tarball.sh to not include CVS
82 directories.
84 29 Nov 2001; Donny Davies (woodchip@gentoo.org): Added a man directory
85 to rc-scripts. Checked in two manpages there, one for modules.autoload.5
86 and one for update-modules.8. These were adapted from Debian. Updated
87 tarball.sh to include the new man directory. Updated baselayout to install
88 these manpages. Slightly tweak the /etc/modules.autoload comments.
90 28 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Updated /sbin/init
91 to work correctly with the 'gentoo=nodevfs' option, and cleaned
92 out old code.
94 Updated /etc/init.d/bootmisc with additional lock files to clean.
96 27 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Updated
97 /etc/init.d/depscan.sh for a virtual 'use' depend, called 'logger'
98 that can be used for services that needs to have a logger started
99 before they are started. Updated /etc/conf.d/basic with $SYSLOGGER
100 that is used to define what loggers the 'logger' depend represent.
102 26 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Updated
103 /etc/passwd and /etc/group with minor fixes to pass pwck and grpck.
105 25 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Changed umask in
106 /etc/profile for the user to 077 for security.
108 Added a stop() function to /etc/init.d/clock. Also removed uneeded
109 'source /etc/rc.conf' line.
111 Updated /etc/init.d/hostname to set the hostname to 'localhost' if
112 /etc/hostname is invalid.
114 Updated /sbin/init to move the entries in /lib/dev-state to /dev before
115 running devfsd, as it did still not save settings properly. Also removed
116 old /dev-state/compat stuff.
118 25 Nov 2001; ncsd, the name service cache daemon script, has been removed
119 from the default "default" runlevel. It still exists in the archive so that
120 users who want/need it can add it easily.
122 25 Nov 2001; Updated the /etc/fstab; removed usbdevfs (explicitly mounted),
123 removed notail from the ext2 boot partition, other cleanups.
125 25 Nov 2001; Fixed init.d/clock script to work in UTC mode.
127 24 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Added /etc/devfsd.conf
128 and updated /sbin/init to use a new scheme for saving /dev permissions.
129 Also moved /dev-state to /lib/dev-state which is a more standard location.
131 Fixed a ugly bug in /etc/init.d/depscan.sh. If a service depended on
132 itself, calling depscan.sh or changing runlevels cause a tempory effect
133 similar to a 'mini fork bomb'. Afterwards the depends was broken, and
134 changing runlevels did not want to work.
136 Updated /etc/init.d/halt.sh to terminate and display message for devfsd.
137 More cosmetic than anything else, but cant hurt with the new dev-state
138 scheme.
140 Updated /sbin/init to set the console log level to 1, so that bootup
141 can be much cleaner. Also updated /etc/init.d/modules not to have
142 a logger in it 'use' depends, as it should not be needed anymore.
144 Updated /sbin/rc to check if devfsd is still running between runlevel
145 changes.
147 Updated /etc/init.d/modules to run update-modules. We want to be sure
148 /etc/modules.conf is updated when running depmod -a.
150 Change ftp's uid to 21 in /etc/passwd (was the same as bind). Also
151 added a entry for xfs (X Font Server) in /etc/passwd and /etc/group.
153 Added /etc/init.d/net.ppp0, /etc/conf.d/net.ppp0 and
154 /usr/lib/ppp/chat-default as part of my new pppd scripts. Also
155 updated tarball.sh to handle ppp/chat-default.
157 Added /etc/skel/.bash* to make things cleaner.
159 Other minor changes.
161 17 Nov 2001; Donny Davies (woodchip@gentoo.org): Added /etc/shells file
162 to rc-scripts. Can remove it from sys-libs/shadow at the next release.
164 * rc-scripts 1.1.8 (15 Nov 2001)
166 16 Nov 2001; removed bogus "mountall.test" script.
168 15 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Updated
169 init.d/{runscript.sh,depscan.sh}, sbin/rc to the new dep being 'use' not
170 'uses', as it fits better with 'need' (not 'needs'). Also removed unneeded
171 for loop from init.d/depscan.sh, and other fixes. Updated names of new
172 functions in init.d/runscript.sh to better sounding ones. Updated
173 init.d/modules, init.d/netmount to use 'use'. Lots of other fixes/cleanups.
174 Removed try() out of init.d/runscript.sh (why was this here ?).
176 14 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): init.d/bootmisc: Now
177 cleans /tmp. Also creates /etc/resolv.conf if it doesn't exist.
179 init.d/hostname: Added check for a valid /etc/hostname.
181 init.d/keymaps: Added check for valid $KEYMAP.
183 init.d/modules: Added sysklogd, metalog, syslog-ng as 'use' deps. This
184 should solve Woodchip's syslog+glue issue. We just have to change the
185 console loglevel for metalog and syslog-ng (sysklogd already updated) not to
186 output info and warnings, etc to the console, then boot will be much cleaner.
187 Also the install guide will need changing to add the loggers to 'boot' and
188 not 'default' runlevel.
190 init.d/mountall.test: Hopefully updated to the new rc-scripts style. Is
191 this really needed (I cannot see that it is used anywhere ...)?
193 13 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Updated
194 init.d/runscript.sh, init.d/depscan.sh and sbin/rc with a new depend called
195 'uses'. It basically have the same usage as 'need', except that it do not
196 start services that is not in the current and 'boot' runlevels.
198 Updated init.d/netmount to use the 'uses' depend.
200 11 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Fixed init.d/runscript.sh
201 not to destroy the 'need' depends in /${svcdir}/need. This caused subsequent
202 starting and stopping of services not to start depends.
204 7 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Fixed a problem in sbin/rc
205 where the ${svcdir}/softscripts directory got destroyed before stopping
206 running services scheduled to be stopped. This with the fact that $SOFTLEVEL
207 was set too early, caused the services to be stopped in the wrong order.
209 30 Oct 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Modified init.d/netmount to
210 check if any network filesystems is mounted.
212 29 Oct 2001; init.d/netmount: umount -art doesn't seem to work, so I added
213 some awk and grep magic to find all remote filesystems and umount them.
215 29 Oct 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): A fix for checkroot
216 (missing "/"); it now actually checks the root filesystem. Also, a
217 localmount cleanliness fix.
219 * rc-scripts 1.1.7 (18 Oct 2001)
221 [old changelog format follows]
223 *lots of scripts; woodchip
224 removed old rc5 scripts from cvs
226 *init.d/runscript.sh; agriffis
227 Added support for rc.conf and home-grown functions
229 *init.d/modules;
230 Now correctly looks at /etc/modules.autoload
232 rc-scripts-1.1.6, released 15 Sep 2001
233 ======================================
235 *init.d/runscript.sh, others
236 Handling of "net" dependencies resolve to all net devices in
237 /etc/runlevels/boot and /etc/runlevels/[curr-runlevel]. INTERFACES
238 variable in /etc/rc.conf has been removed.
240 *init.d/runscript.sh
241 New "zap" option for manually resetting the state of an initscript
242 to stopped.
244 *init.d/{samba,sysklogd,sshd}
245 Removed from CVS; they live in their respective packages.
247 rc-scripts-1.1.5, released 02 Sep 2001
248 ====================================
250 *sbin/rc-update
251 New version of the rc-update command for the new initscripts. Works
252 similarly to the old version, except this one updates our dependency
253 cache.
255 *init.d/functions.sh
256 New and better looking informational message functions (einfo, einfon).
257 Brand new message functions (ewarn).
259 *sbin/init, init.d/checkroot
260 We're going back to a /proc/mounts-based mtab symlink because it's
261 just plain better. Appropriate changes made.


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