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Sun Sep 9 16:49:40 2007 UTC (10 years, 9 months ago) by vapier
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revert EARLY_MOUNTS since everything in the boot runlevel depends on localmount already and anything that runs before it does not rely on things like /tmp or /var/run (and because i confused localmount with checkroot)
1 # /etc/conf.d/localmount
3 # Kernel core dump options for FreeBSD kernel.
4 # Unless you're a FreeBSD kernel developer or driver writer then this won't
5 # be of any interest to you at all.
7 # The following options allow to configure the kernel's core dump
8 # facilities. Please read
9 # http://www.freebsd.org/doc/en_US.ISO8859-1/books/developers-handbook/kerneldebug.html
10 # for more information about Kernel core dumps and kernel debugging.
12 # KERNEL_DUMP_DEVICE variable is used to specify which device will be
13 # used by the kernel to write the dump down. This has to be a swap
14 # partition, and has to be at least big enough to contain the whole
15 # physical memory (see hw.physmem sysctl(8) variable).
16 # When the variable is commented out, no core dump will be enabled for
17 # the kernel.
18 #KERNEL_DUMP_DEVICE="/dev/ad0s1b"
20 # KERNEL_DUMP_DIR variable is used to tell savecore(8) utility where
21 # to save the kernel core dump once it's restored from the dump
22 # device. If unset, /var/crash will be used, as the default of
23 # FreeBSD.
24 #KERNEL_DUMP_DIR="/var/crash"
26 # KERNEL_DUMP_COMPRESS variable decide whether to compress with
27 # gzip(1) the dump or leave it of its original size (the size of the
28 # physical memory present on the system). If set to yes, the -z option
29 # will be passed to savecore(8) that will proceed on compressing the
30 # dump.

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