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test/  2945  11 years  uberlord  No need for bash here
Makefile  2982  11 years  uberlord  librc.so and libeinfo.so now have symbol versions.
Makefile.BSD  2877  11 years  uberlord  BSD will need a fixed gcc for --as-needed
Makefile.Linux  2875  11 years  uberlord  Work better with --as-needed
Makefile.pam  2875  11 years  uberlord  Work better with --as-needed
_usage.c  2947  11 years  uberlord  Fix Makefile for pmake, document s-s-d options and increase usage gap
_usage.h  2938  11 years  uberlord  Fix rc_env_bool
builtins.h  2957  11 years  uberlord  librc no longer uses libeinfo. deptree function names are now all under rc_deptr…
checkown.c  2923  11 years  vapier  Add support for describing the options in the C programs.
einfo.h  2950  11 years  uberlord  enums are now fixed to specific values and are in UPPER CASE.
einfo.map  2982  11 years  uberlord  librc.so and libeinfo.so now have symbol versions.
env-update.c  2980  11 years  uberlord  Rename config funcs
env_whitelist  2547  11 years  uberlord   Rewrite the core parts in C. We now provide librc so other programs can …
fstabinfo.c  2946  11 years  uberlord  If it's in fstab, let mount work everything out instead of us.
hidden-visibility.h  2598  11 years  vapier  add hidden visibility support to libeinfo as well
libeinfo.c  2973  11 years  uberlord  hide eprefix
librc-daemon.c  2986  11 years  uberlord  Revert making function private
librc-depend.c  2983  11 years  uberlord  depinfo and deptype are now internal use only. rc-depend cuddles up to getopt.
librc-depend.h  2949  11 years  uberlord  The rc_depinfo_t and rc_deptype_t structures are not for public consumption.
librc-misc.c  2981  11 years  uberlord  rc_make_env -> rc_env_config, rc_filter_env -> rc_env_filter
librc-strlist.c  2929  11 years  uberlord  Use bools
librc.c  2978  11 years  uberlord  rc_service_option_set -> rc_service_value_set, rc_service_option_get -> rc_servi…
librc.h  2986  11 years  uberlord  Revert making function private
mountinfo.c  2941  11 years  uberlord  Duh, wrong way around
rc-depend.c  2985  11 years  uberlord  Remove debug
rc-misc.h  2895  11 years  uberlord  /lib/rcscripts -> /lib/rc
rc-plugin.c  2928  11 years  uberlord  Revert last patch
rc-plugin.h  2744  11 years  uberlord  As we're running each plugin in a fork, we need to call our cleanup code so we d…
rc-status.c  2975  11 years  uberlord  rc_get_runlevels -> rc_runlevel_list
rc-update.c  2975  11 years  uberlord  rc_get_runlevels -> rc_runlevel_list
rc.c  2981  11 years  uberlord  rc_make_env -> rc_env_config, rc_filter_env -> rc_env_filter
rc.h  2986  11 years  uberlord  Revert making function private
rc.map  2986  11 years  uberlord  Revert making function private
runscript.c  2981  11 years  uberlord  rc_make_env -> rc_env_config, rc_filter_env -> rc_env_filter
start-stop-daemon.c  2986  11 years  uberlord  Revert making function private
start-stop-daemon.pam  2547  11 years  uberlord   Rewrite the core parts in C. We now provide librc so other programs can …
strlist.h  2577  11 years  uberlord  Cuddle up to LKML C style

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svn:ignore env-update fstabinfo mountinfo rc rc-depend rc-status rc-update runscript start-stop-daemon *.so *.so.[0-9]* .depend checkown ebegin eend eerror eerrorn eindent einfo einfon env-update eoutdent esyslog eval_ecolors ewarn ewarnn ewend fstabinfo get_options is_runlevel_start is_runlevel_stop mark_service_coldplugged mark_service_inactive mark_service_started mark_service_starting mark_service_stopped mark_service_stopping mark_service_wasinactive mountinfo rc-abort rc-depend rc-status rc-update runscript save_options service_coldplugged service_inactive service_started service_started_daemon service_starting service_stopped service_stopping service_wasinactive start-stop-daemon vebegin veend veindent veinfo veoutdent vewarn vewend

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