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Mon Jun 28 19:44:46 2004 UTC (14 years, 11 months ago) by agriffis
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Fix dhcp in iface_start_ifconfig: It was re-using the variable
${i} which would result in the following error:
    /sbin/runscript.sh: line 441: ((: syntax error
    in expression (error token is ".141.88.153")

Use vlan_IFACE instead of iface_IFACE_vlans in net.eth0 for more
consistent vlan configuration.  Thanks to robbat2 in bug 55394
(not fully resolved)

Add example for checking if root filesystem is NFS-mounted via
predown function in conf.d/net for bug 53104.  This might be
better integrated at some point into net.eth0

1 #!/bin/bash
2 export TMP="/tmp"
3 export V="1.5.1"
4 export DEST="${TMP}/rc-scripts-${V}"
5 rm -rf ${DEST}
6 install -d -m0755 ${DEST}
7 for x in bin etc init.d sbin src rc-lists man
8 do
9 cp -ax $x ${DEST}
10 done
11 cp ChangeLog ${DEST}
12 chown -R root:root ${DEST}
13 chmod 0755 ${DEST}/sbin/*
14 chmod 0755 ${DEST}/init.d/*
15 ( cd $TMP/rc-scripts-${V} ; rm -rf `find -iname CVS` )
16 cd $TMP
17 tar cjvf ${TMP}/rc-scripts-${V}.tar.bz2 rc-scripts-${V}
18 rm -rf rc-scripts-${V}


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