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Author: agriffis
Date: Tue Mar 16 04:08:50 2004 UTC (15 years, 5 months ago)
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The changes in this commit pertain primarily to

- Specify routes as an array per interface, for example:
        "-net netmask gw"
        "-net netmask gw"
        "-host dev eth0"

- You can optionally use the gateway variable or just put the default
  route in the routes variable.  The following two are REDUNDANT:

    routes_eth0=( "default gw" )

- Old configuration variables in /etc/conf.d/net are fully supported
  and used transparently if ifconfig_eth0 is missing.  In other words,
  this new script is fully backward-compatible.  However you can get
  rid of iface_eth0, alias_eth0, broadcast_eth0 and netmask_eth0 if
  you want by using the new syntax:

        " broadcast netmask"
        " netmask"

- Full backward compatibility so no danger to screwing up users
  relying on existing /etc/conf.d/net setup

- NET_DEBUG can be set in the environment for copious debugging output

- Deprecate [ ] in favor of [[ ]] which has fewer quoting issues and
  better functionality (and is even slightly faster)

- Properly localize all variables, including variables returned by

- Allow full options for every ifconfig command, both base address and
  aliases via ifconfig_eth0, replacing the convoluted and
  less-functional iface_eth0, alias_eth0, broadcast_eth0, netmask_eth0

- Provide full support for static routes via routes_eth0

- Fix potential quoting problems in setup_vars by using better eval
  syntax instead of eval echo

- Display IP addresses while configuring, both DHCP-retrieved and
  statically set addresses

- Collapse redundant caching of $? since eend returns $? again

- Report when keeping kernel configuration for an interface along with
  IP address gleaned

- Don't reset the default gateway if it is already set correctly

- Don't bind default gateway to particular interface when /sbin/route
  is called so that it can survive if there is more than one interface
  on the required subnet.  (Old behavior can be obtained by setting
  routes_eth0="default gw dev eth0" if you really want it)

- Don't bomb if default gateway can't be set since that doesn't
  necessarily mean that the interface configuration is invalid.
  (Old behavior was completely broken, but commented section
  demonstrates how to do it right if necessary)

- iface_stop no longer relies on configuration in /etc/conf.d/net AT
  ALL.  This is very good because it means you can put new
  configuration in /etc/conf.d/net, then restart the interface and the
  old configuration will be properly shut down.

- iface_stop reports when it is releasing the DHCP lease

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