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licenses/  19  13 years  angusyoung  Initial Release
dev-libs/  310  13 years  flameeyes  Moved all the package variables into freebsd-utils. Regeneated all the manifests…
sys-devel/  350  13 years  flameeyes  Updated to 5.4-RELEASE.
net-mail/  357  13 years  flameeyes  Added fetchmail ebuild as per bug #92401.
sys-kernel/  363  13 years  flameeyes  Cleanup of ebuild.
eclass/  373  13 years  flameeyes  Removed as it's fixed in main tree.
media-libs/  376  13 years  flameeyes  Added jpeg library.
app-text/  377  13 years  flameeyes  Added ghostscript..
x11-libs/  382  13 years  flameeyes  Added qt with fixes to build on G/FBSD.
kde-base/  393  13 years  flameeyes  Added kdesktop with eject-bsd dependency.
x11-base/  396  13 years  flameeyes  Updated to latest xorg snapshot.
app-crypt/  397  13 years  flameeyes  Added app-crypt/qca fixed.
profiles/  400  12 years  flameeyes  Mask libcap as it's linux-specific.
sys-libs/  401  12 years  flameeyes  Added a patch to fix a compilation -ssl -> +ssl
sys-apps/  402  12 years  flameeyes  Added patch to avoid installing ntp, net-misc/ntp will be compilable soon, in th…
skel.ChangeLog  51  13 years  ka0ttic  Added to make echangelog happy when a ChangeLog doesn't already exist.

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