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dev-python/  420  11 years  flameeyes  Use mirror://freebsd for py-frebsd package.
net-fs/  539  11 years  flameeyes  Manifest recommit.
net-analyzer/  546  11 years  flameeyes  Manifest recommit.
media-libs/  568  11 years  flameeyes  Removed media-libs/imlib from overlay.
sys-boot/  595  11 years  flameeyes  Adapt to recent bsdmk changes. (Manifest Recommit)
sys-kernel/  609  11 years  flameeyes  Updated to use new bsdmk facilities. (Manifest Recommit)
sys-devel/  613  11 years  flameeyes  Add binutils-2.15 with our keywords to overlay to be safe. (Manifest Recommit) …
media-video/  619  11 years  flameeyes  Initially started nvidia drivers support for G/FBSD. (Manifest Recommit)
x11-base/  633  11 years  flameeyes  Added xorg-x11 with patch in bug #102415. (Manifest Recommit)
app-arch/  636  11 years  flameeyes  rpm2targz with BSD userland fixes. (Manifest Recommit)
sys-libs/  649  11 years  flameeyes  Updated to reflect bsdmk/freebsd eclasses changes. (Manifest Recommit)
dev-libs/  660  11 years  flameeyes  Added memleak patch to glib. (Manifest Recommit)
gnome-base/  662  11 years  flameeyes  Added gnome-vfs as per bug #103130. (Manifest Recommit)
app-text/  664  11 years  flameeyes  Added scrollkeeper with working NLS support as per bug #103386. (Manifest Recomm…
sys-fs/  666  11 years  flameeyes  Added e2fsprogs that installs on G/FBSD. See bug #103388. (Manifest Recommit)
gnome-extra/  670  11 years  flameeyes  Fix for gcalctool under fbsd. See bug #103574. (Manifest Recommit)
media-plugins/  672  11 years  flameeyes  Added gst-plugins-ffmpeg fixed for G/FBSD as per bug #103529. (Manifest Recommit…
sys-apps/  674  11 years  flameeyes  New bump: make sure that /tmp and /var/tmp have the right permissions. (Manifest…
eclass/  675  11 years  flameeyes  Export CC, CXX and LD to be sure that it works as intended.
scripts/  676  11 years  flameeyes  Added script to do moves.
profiles/  677  11 years  flameeyes  Added sys-freebsd category.
skel.ChangeLog  51  12 years  ka0ttic  Added to make echangelog happy when a ChangeLog doesn't already exist.

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