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sys-freebsd/  1011  11 years  flameeyes  Make sure a sys-${RV} symlink is present, so that we can have a sys directory fo…
profiles/  1010  11 years  flameeyes  Mask newer baselayout on 5.4 so I have not to update all of the ebuilds.
sys-devel/  1001  11 years  flameeyes  binutils 2.15 is needed no more, 2.16 is what we're going to use.
app-misc/  990  11 years  flameeyes  Add pax-utils with patch to avoid crying because of PT_LOAD on fbsd.
net-fs/  989  11 years  flameeyes  Point to sourceforge instead than the dead old site.
sys-openbsd/  988  11 years  reb  +sys-openbsd/openbsd-lib
eclass/  967  11 years  reb  adding openbsd.eclass
sys-apps/  945  11 years  flameeyes  Portage 2.3_pre3 has the overlay-arch patch and the ldconfig fix.
app-arch/  943  11 years  flameeyes  Add cabextract with unconditional patch, bug #76327.
dev-libs/  926  11 years  flameeyes  glib from portage is now safe.
sys-libs/  882  11 years  flameeyes  Applied in main tree.
media-video/  879  11 years  flameeyes  Remove nvidia-glx as it's applied on main tree.
app-emulation/  828  11 years  flameeyes  Initial import. Ebuild submitted by Luigi Mantellini in bug #105225.
sys-process/  791  11 years  pylon  Moving stuff into the overlay
net-analyzer/  781  11 years  pylon  Moving stuff into the overlay
dev-python/  776  11 years  pylon  Moving stuff into the overlay
dev-java/  774  11 years  pylon  Moving stuff into the overlay
skel.ChangeLog  786  11 years  pylon  Moving stuff into the overlay

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