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app-admin/  953  12 years  grobian   Adding eselect-compiler
app-arch/  1130  12 years  kito  unzip-5.52-r1 initial import. Again.
app-editors/  962  12 years  grobian  Adding nano 1.3.9, removing junk from previous versions which we don't have in o…
app-misc/  934  12 years  grobian  Adding mime-types
app-portage/  1136  12 years  grobian  Adding esearch-0.7.1
app-shells/  1149  12 years  exg  New version from main tree.
app-vim/  920  12 years  kito  drop -overlay
dev-db/  920  12 years  kito  drop -overlay
dev-lang/  920  12 years  kito  drop -overlay
dev-libs/  1123  12 years  exg  Manifest update.
dev-perl/  920  12 years  kito  drop -overlay
dev-python/  1142  12 years  kito  Cleanup sed statements
dev-util/  921  12 years  grobian  Adding ctags, dependency of Vim
eclass/  992  12 years  grobian  Removing CVS dirs from SVN repo
licenses/  986  12 years  kito  Initial import
mail-client/  936  12 years  grobian  Added prefix patch (not yet final) Added porting information
media-libs/  1131  12 years  kito  portaudio-18.1-r3 initial import
net-ftp/  920  12 years  kito  drop -overlay
net-mail/  933  12 years  grobian  Adding mailbase
net-misc/  994  12 years  grobian  Adding rsync
perl-core/  920  12 years  kito  drop -overlay
profiles/  1141  12 years  kito  set MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET for proper ld(1) behaviour
sys-apps/  1147  12 years  grobian  Sync with mainline tree
sys-devel/  1139  12 years  grobian  Sync with mainline tree
sys-kernel/  955  12 years  grobian  Adding linux-headers. I doubt whether it is really useful, but it works.
sys-libs/  1140  12 years  grobian  Version bump from mainline tree

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