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1diff -ur lib/Makefile lib.minimal/Makefile 1diff -u lib/Makefile lib.minimal/Makefile
2--- lib/Makefile 2005-03-07 20:29:16 +0000 2--- lib/Makefile 2005-03-07 20:29:16 +0000
3+++ lib.minimal/Makefile 2005-05-05 13:15:10 +0000 3+++ lib.minimal/Makefile 2005-05-05 18:41:15 +0000
4@@ -22,18 +22,18 @@ 4@@ -22,18 +22,18 @@
5 # 5 #
6 # Otherwise, the SUBDIR list should be in alphabetical order. 6 # Otherwise, the SUBDIR list should be in alphabetical order.
7 7
8-SUBDIR= ${_csu} libcom_err libcrypt libkvm msun libmd libncurses \ 8-SUBDIR= ${_csu} libcom_err libcrypt libkvm msun libmd libncurses \
10 libnetgraph libradius librpcsvc libsbuf libtacplus libutil \ 10 libnetgraph libradius librpcsvc libsbuf libtacplus libutil \
11 ${_libypclnt} ${_compat} libalias libarchive ${_libatm} \ 11 ${_libypclnt} ${_compat} libalias libarchive ${_libatm} \
12- libbegemot ${_libbluetooth} libbsnmp libbz2 libc ${_libc_r} \ 12- libbegemot ${_libbluetooth} libbsnmp libbz2 libc ${_libc_r} \
13+ libbegemot ${_libbluetooth} libbsnmp libc ${_libc_r} \ 13+ libbegemot ${_libbluetooth} libbsnmp libc ${_libc_r} \
14 libcalendar libcam libcompat libdevinfo libdevstat ${_libdisk} \ 14 libcalendar libcam libcompat libdevinfo libdevstat ${_libdisk} \
15- libedit libexpat libfetch libform libftpio libgeom ${_libgpib} \ 15 libedit libexpat libfetch libform libftpio libgeom ${_libgpib} \
16+ libedit libfetch libform libftpio libgeom ${_libgpib} \
17 ${_libio} libipsec \ 16 ${_libio} libipsec \
18 libipx libkiconv libmagic libmenu ${_libmilter} ${_libmp} \ 17 libipx libkiconv libmagic libmenu ${_libmilter} ${_libmp} \
19- ${_libncp} ${_libngatm} libopie libpam libpanel libpcap \ 18- ${_libncp} ${_libngatm} libopie libpam libpanel libpcap \
20+ ${_libncp} ${_libngatm} libopie libpanel \ 19+ ${_libncp} ${_libngatm} libopie libpanel \
21 ${_libpthread} ${_libsdp} ${_libsm} ${_libsmb} ${_libsmdb} \ 20 ${_libpthread} ${_libsdp} ${_libsm} ${_libsmb} ${_libsmdb} \
23- libugidfw ${_libusbhid} ${_libvgl} libwrap libxpg4 liby libz ${_bind} 22- libugidfw ${_libusbhid} ${_libvgl} libwrap libxpg4 liby libz ${_bind}
24+ libugidfw ${_libusbhid} ${_libvgl} libwrap libxpg4 liby ${_bind} 23+ libugidfw ${_libusbhid} ${_libvgl} libwrap libxpg4 liby ${_bind}
25 24
26 .if exists(${.CURDIR}/csu/${MACHINE_ARCH}-elf) 25 .if exists(${.CURDIR}/csu/${MACHINE_ARCH}-elf)
27 _csu=csu/${MACHINE_ARCH}-elf 26 _csu=csu/${MACHINE_ARCH}-elf
27Common subdirectories: lib/bind and lib.minimal/bind
28Common subdirectories: lib/compat and lib.minimal/compat
29Common subdirectories: lib/csu and lib.minimal/csu
30Common subdirectories: lib/libalias and lib.minimal/libalias
31Common subdirectories: lib/libarchive and lib.minimal/libarchive
32Common subdirectories: lib/libatm and lib.minimal/libatm
33Common subdirectories: lib/libbegemot and lib.minimal/libbegemot
34Common subdirectories: lib/libbluetooth and lib.minimal/libbluetooth
35Common subdirectories: lib/libbsnmp and lib.minimal/libbsnmp
36Common subdirectories: lib/libbz2 and lib.minimal/libbz2
37Common subdirectories: lib/libc and lib.minimal/libc
38Common subdirectories: lib/libc_r and lib.minimal/libc_r
39Common subdirectories: lib/libcalendar and lib.minimal/libcalendar
40Common subdirectories: lib/libcam and lib.minimal/libcam
41Common subdirectories: lib/libcom_err and lib.minimal/libcom_err
42Common subdirectories: lib/libcompat and lib.minimal/libcompat
43Common subdirectories: lib/libcrypt and lib.minimal/libcrypt
44Common subdirectories: lib/libdevinfo and lib.minimal/libdevinfo
45Common subdirectories: lib/libdevstat and lib.minimal/libdevstat
46Common subdirectories: lib/libdisk and lib.minimal/libdisk
47Common subdirectories: lib/libedit and lib.minimal/libedit
48Common subdirectories: lib/libexpat and lib.minimal/libexpat
49Common subdirectories: lib/libfetch and lib.minimal/libfetch
50Common subdirectories: lib/libform and lib.minimal/libform
51Common subdirectories: lib/libftpio and lib.minimal/libftpio
52Common subdirectories: lib/libgeom and lib.minimal/libgeom
53Common subdirectories: lib/libgpib and lib.minimal/libgpib
54Common subdirectories: lib/libio and lib.minimal/libio
55Common subdirectories: lib/libipsec and lib.minimal/libipsec
56Common subdirectories: lib/libipx and lib.minimal/libipx
57Common subdirectories: lib/libkiconv and lib.minimal/libkiconv
58Common subdirectories: lib/libkvm and lib.minimal/libkvm
59Common subdirectories: lib/libmagic and lib.minimal/libmagic
60Common subdirectories: lib/libmd and lib.minimal/libmd
61Common subdirectories: lib/libmenu and lib.minimal/libmenu
62Common subdirectories: lib/libmilter and lib.minimal/libmilter
63Common subdirectories: lib/libmp and lib.minimal/libmp
64Common subdirectories: lib/libncp and lib.minimal/libncp
65Common subdirectories: lib/libncurses and lib.minimal/libncurses
66Common subdirectories: lib/libnetgraph and lib.minimal/libnetgraph
67Common subdirectories: lib/libngatm and lib.minimal/libngatm
68Common subdirectories: lib/libopie and lib.minimal/libopie
69Common subdirectories: lib/libpam and lib.minimal/libpam
70Common subdirectories: lib/libpanel and lib.minimal/libpanel
71Common subdirectories: lib/libpcap and lib.minimal/libpcap
72Common subdirectories: lib/libpthread and lib.minimal/libpthread
73Common subdirectories: lib/libradius and lib.minimal/libradius
74Common subdirectories: lib/librpcsvc and lib.minimal/librpcsvc
75Common subdirectories: lib/libsbuf and lib.minimal/libsbuf
76Common subdirectories: lib/libsdp and lib.minimal/libsdp
77Common subdirectories: lib/libsm and lib.minimal/libsm
78Common subdirectories: lib/libsmb and lib.minimal/libsmb
79Common subdirectories: lib/libsmdb and lib.minimal/libsmdb
80Common subdirectories: lib/libsmutil and lib.minimal/libsmutil
81Common subdirectories: lib/libstand and lib.minimal/libstand
82Common subdirectories: lib/libtacplus and lib.minimal/libtacplus
83Common subdirectories: lib/libtelnet and lib.minimal/libtelnet
84Common subdirectories: lib/libthr and lib.minimal/libthr
85Common subdirectories: lib/libthread_db and lib.minimal/libthread_db
86Common subdirectories: lib/libufs and lib.minimal/libufs
87Common subdirectories: lib/libugidfw and lib.minimal/libugidfw
88Common subdirectories: lib/libusbhid and lib.minimal/libusbhid
89Common subdirectories: lib/libutil and lib.minimal/libutil
90Common subdirectories: lib/libvgl and lib.minimal/libvgl
91Common subdirectories: lib/libwrap and lib.minimal/libwrap
92Common subdirectories: lib/libxpg4 and lib.minimal/libxpg4
93Common subdirectories: lib/liby and lib.minimal/liby
94Common subdirectories: lib/libypclnt and lib.minimal/libypclnt
95Common subdirectories: lib/libz and lib.minimal/libz
96Common subdirectories: lib/msun and lib.minimal/msun

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