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cp_translations.sh  1.8  10 years  tomk  Changed initial vars back to their defaults
delete_accounts_never_activated.pl  1.3  8 years  desultory  Upgrade to 2.0.23, add some proxy fixes, fix bug 191626 and bug 170166.
fix_forums.sh  1.2  12 years  ian  Fixed copy command
lang_check.php  1.1  11 years  tomk  Checks for strings that are in the english language pack that are missing from t…
movetoforum.pl  1.1  12 years  tomk  Script for moving topics to a new forum when the search string is found in the t…
parsePhpbbLog.pl  1.4  7 years  robbat2  Fixup whitespace issues, and recognize invalid referrer strings.
restoreUserPostsSQL.pl  1.1  12 years  ian  Script to create sqldump to restore users posts; see https://forums.gentoo.org/v
retire-dev-forums.pl  1.1  5 years  tomk  Script to retire devs on the forums
rsync-exclude.txt  1.1  12 years  tomk  script for upgrading the forums from cvs
sitemap.pl  1.3  7 years  desultory  Tweaks by robbat2 to trigger sitemap cloning, in place since 2009-08-12
smartprune.pl  1.2  8 years  desultory  Upgrade to 2.0.23, add some proxy fixes, fix bug 191626 and bug 170166.
split_snapshot.pl  1.2  10 years  tomk  Added option for including latin1 definitions to tables
sync.sh  1.6  12 years  tomk  Make includes directory group-writable so that the mk_includes script works
translation_versions.sh  1.1  12 years  tomk  This script gets the CVS revision numbers for specified translation files

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