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release_2-0-23-gentoo-p11.sql  1.1  4 years  tomk  phpBB-2-0-23-gentoo-p11
release_2-0-23-gentoo-p10.sql  1.1  4 years  tomk  phpBB-2-0-23-gentoo-p10 () - Automatically add known spambots (England, Nowe Mis…
release_2-0-23-gentoo-p9.sql  1.3  5 years  tomk  After discussion we will resize phpbb_search_results.search_id
release_2-0-23-gentoo-p8.sql  1.1  5 years  tomk  phpBB-2-0-23-gentoo-p8
release_2-0-23-gentoo-p7.sql  1.1  5 years  tomk  phpBB-2-0-23-gentoo-p7
release_2-0-23-gentoo-p6.sql  1.2  6 years  tomk  Make piwik site id configurable
release_2-0-23-gentoo-p5.sql  1.1  7 years  tomk  - Added stopforumspam.com functionality (tomk) - Send daily profile spammer summ…
release_2-0-23-gentoo-p4.sql  1.1  7 years  tomk  - Prevent ACP ban page hitting memory limit (tomk) - Show bbcode snippet to add …
release_2-0-23-gentoo-p3.sql  1.2  7 years  tomk  Prevent non-replication safe id generation
release_2-0-23-gentoo-p2.sql  1.2  7 years  desultory  Include index additions and that user_id was changed to auto_increment in phpbb_…
release_2-0-23-gentoo-p1.sql  1.1  8 years  desultory  2.0.23-gentoo-p1 SQL file
release_2-0-22-gentoo-p6.sql  1.1  9 years  tomk  2-0-22-gentoo-p6
release_2-0-22-gentoo-p5.sql  1.2  10 years  tomk  Change 6 problematic usernames
release_2-0-22-gentoo-p4.sql  1.1  10 years  tomk  Prevent unanswered posts hitting memory limit
release_2-0-22-gentoo-p3.sql  1.1  11 years  tomk  2-0-22-gentoo-p3 SQL file
release_2-0-22-gentoo-p2.sql  1.3  11 years  tomk  Added SQL to move current profile spammers to the spammers table
release_2-0-22-gentoo-p1.sql  1.2  11 years  tomk  HTML encode usernames when searching by author, fixes bug #144905
release_2-0-21-gentoo-p5.sql  1.1  11 years  maedhros  Make it possible to specify a comma-seperated list of forums that don't count to…
release_2-0-21-gentoo-p4.sql  1.1  11 years  maedhros  Check the post/topic/user hasn't been reported when submitting the report.
release_2-0-21-gentoo-p3.sql  1.3  11 years  maedhros  Updated the reports feature to use SQL JOINs rather than extra columns in the po…
release_2-0-21-gentoo-p2.sql  1.1  11 years  tomk  phpBB2.0.21-gentoo-p2 SQL file
release_2-0-21-gentoo-p1.sql  1.2  12 years  tomk  Upgraded to phpBB 2.0.21
release_2-0-20-gentoo-p4.sql  1.3  12 years  tomk  Added auto language detection mod - http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=1
release_2-0-20-gentoo-p3.sql  1.4  12 years  tomk  Removed index creation as adding unique to the column definition automatically c…
release_2-0-20-gentoo-p2.sql  1.1  12 years  tomk  Don't do the search flood control for users with more than x posts or users who …
release_2-0-20-gentoo-p1.sql  1.1  12 years  tomk  Upgraded to 2.0.20 and added various translations
release_2-0-19-gentoo-p7.sql  1.1  12 years  tomk  Added 'ban this user' and 'remove website' links to profile for admins
release_2-0-19-gentoo-p6.sql  1.1  12 years  tomk  Changed include file arrays to be index by the relevant ID, prevents unnecessary…
release_2-0-19-gentoo-p5.sql  1.2  12 years  tomk  Hide profile data for banned users
release_2-0-19-gentoo-p4.sql  1.3  12 years  tomk  Fixed SQL
release_2-0-19-gentoo-p3.sql  1.1  12 years  tomk  Dupe/watched IP bugfixes / Added profile option to show author/creation date in …
release_2-0-19-gentoo-p2.sql  1.2  12 years  tomk  Added watch IP and duplicate IP functionality, fixes bug #118824
release_2-0-19-gentoo-p1.sql  1.1  12 years  tomk  Upgraded to phpBB 2.0.19 http://www.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=14&t=352966
release_2-0-18-gentoo-p3.sql  1.3  12 years  tomk  Changed last GLSA to 200512-04
release_2-0-18-gentoo-p2.sql  1.1  12 years  tomk  2-0-18-gentoo-p2 SQL
release_2-0-18-gentoo-p1.sql  1.3  12 years  tomk  Removed unneccesary optimise table query
release_2-0-17-gentoo-p7-rollback.sql  1.1  12 years  tomk  Rollback SQL for subforums release
release_2-0-17-gentoo-p7.sql  1.2  12 years  tomk  Fixed forum_order SQL
release_2-0-17-gentoo-p6.sql  1.1  12 years  tomk  SQL file for release_2-0-17-gentoo-p6
release_2-0-17-gentoo-p5.sql  1.1  12 years  ian  Added option to the users profile wheter to show avatars in threads or not. Clos…
release_2-0-17-gentoo-p4.sql  1.2  12 years  tomk  Allow 100 char titles in N&A forum
release_2-0-17-gentoo-p3.sql  1.1  12 years  ian  sql update for release_2-0-17-gentoo-p3
release_2-0-17-gentoo-p2.sql  1.2  12 years  tomk  Added SQL to switch everyone over to the gentoo theme

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