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Sat Jul 16 17:21:12 2005 UTC (12 years, 2 months ago) by solar
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- update README for people wishing to build upon portage-utils by adding new applets

1 solar 1.1 /* Add notes here */
2 solar 1.3
3     - multiline reads don't yet work for quse/qsearch
5     - quse needs a rewrite.
7     - Fetching via anoncvs.
8     The cvs module for gentoo-projects is mirrored. You may download a
9     pretty recent copy using the following command. Note: that this is not
10     the official cvs server but rather a mirror so it lags about an hour or
11     so behind the real tree which is hosted on cvs.gentoo.org
13     cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@zarquon.twobit.net:/var/cvsroot -q -z9 co -R gentoo-projects/portage-utils
15     - Adding applets is easy using the q framework.
16     cp template.c qmyapplet.c (all applets use the prefix of the letter 'q')
17     edit applets.h add your prototype, applet definition to the enum then
18     incr LAST_APPLET. Scroll down the typedef for applets[] and add your
19     applet name following the existing syntax. Please try to keep applet
20     names under 8 chars.
22     When and where you can please try to use an existing applets and extend
23     on it's functionality by adding more options vs adding a ton of new
24     applets.

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