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initial_sid_contexts  1.4  13 years  pebenito  1.12 merge
rbac  1.2  13 years  pebenito  1.8 merge
constraints  1.9  12 years  pebenito  add name_connect perms and misc other stuff
assert.te  1.18  12 years  pebenito  change dyntransition assertion to check against setcurrent only, since its check…
Makefile  1.33  12 years  pebenito  change to compat genhomedircon, as policycoreutils 1.28's genhomedircon loses th…
COPYING  1.1  14 years  pebenito  initial commit
README  1.1  14 years  pebenito  initial commit
fs_use  1.5  12 years  pebenito  jfs works in 2.6.11
net_contexts  1.24  12 years  pebenito  re-revert again :'(
genfs_contexts  1.17  12 years  pebenito  update from nsa cvs, legwork by spb
users  1.8  12 years  pebenito  update from nsa cvs, legwork by spb
tunable.te  1.12  12 years  pebenito  update from nsa cvs, legwork by spb
attrib.te  1.15  12 years  pebenito  update mls
mls  1.5  12 years  pebenito  update mls

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