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Wed Sep 18 04:26:13 2002 UTC (15 years, 8 months ago) by roughneck
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Changes since 1.1: +19 -6 lines
* update README
* removed cdrom mount -- we will be on a livecd
* fixed typo bugs in Configuration state -- all config files should be
correct now
* fix yaboot regex's to actually work

1 roughneck 1.2 Nicholas Henke <roughneck@gentoo.org>
2 roughneck 1.1
3 roughneck 1.2 OK -- so you managed to find this little installer. First off is a WARNING --
4     this is developemnt code -- no there is no 'alpha' or 'beta' tag -- this code is
5     under active development and testing, and while I do my best to make sure that
6     it wont mess things up, it is most definately possible that running this
7     program will erase your hard drive(s), royally shitcan your partition table, and
8     otherwise take your system for 3 rounds in the 'Ring of
9     You-are-going-to-be-reinstalling-me'.
10 roughneck 1.1
11 roughneck 1.2 to run you will need to do the following:
12     emerge dev-python/newt
13 roughneck 1.1
14 roughneck 1.2 to run the installer:
15     python2 gentooInstaller.py
17     options:
18     -a <auto run text file>
19     This will put the installer into 'autorun' mode, and providing that the
20     information in your autorun file is correct, will install a Gentoo
21     system with no input. For information on the autorun file, see
22     autorun.txt as an example.

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