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1Nicholas Henke <henken+gentoo@seas.upenn.edu> 1Nicholas Henke <roughneck@gentoo.org>
2 2
3to run, 3OK -- so you managed to find this little installer. First off is a WARNING --
4 python gentooInstaller.py 4this is developemnt code -- no there is no 'alpha' or 'beta' tag -- this code is
5under active development and testing, and while I do my best to make sure that
6it wont mess things up, it is most definately possible that running this
7program will erase your hard drive(s), royally shitcan your partition table, and
8otherwise take your system for 3 rounds in the 'Ring of
5 10
11to run you will need to do the following:
12 emerge dev-python/newt
6 13
7TODO : 14to run the installer:
8 Check boxes for stage'd install -- need to limit actions based on stage 15 python2 gentooInstaller.py
9 chosen 16
18 -a <auto run text file>
19 This will put the installer into 'autorun' mode, and providing that the
20 information in your autorun file is correct, will install a Gentoo
21 system with no input. For information on the autorun file, see
22 autorun.txt as an example.

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