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Thu May 12 01:39:43 2005 UTC (15 years, 4 months ago) by agriffis
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- A minor bug in 2.5.4 resulted in always exiting with non-zero status.  Change
  back to the correct behavior of zero for success, non-zero for failure

1 README for KeyChain; http://www.gentoo.org/projects/keychain
2 Copyright 2001-2004 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL
4 RELEASE NOTES (See "ChangeLog" for more info):
6 Keychain fixes a minor bug introduced in 2.5.4 that resulted in always
7 exiting with non-zero status.
9 Keychain 2.5.4 fixes multibyte issues that could keep a running ssh-agent from
10 being found. It also changes the locking mechanism to close race conditions on
11 cygwin, where symlink creation is not atomic.
13 Keychain fixes addition of gpg keys, which I managed to break in
14 2.5.3.
16 Keychain 2.5.3 improves handling of DISPLAY by unsetting if blank.
17 Additionally gpg is called with --use-agent in case the gpg configuration
18 file excludes use-agent.
20 Keychain 2.5.2 fixes a bug dealing with Solaris RSA keys, a syntax error
21 running on Big/IP (x86 BSD variant), and enhances compatibility with bash's
22 HOSTNAME variable.
24 Keychain 2.5.0 adds inheritance support via --inherit and changes
25 default behavior so that non-keychain agents aren't killed by default.
27 Keychain 2.4.3 fixes a problem on BSD where multiple agents would be
28 started.
30 Keychain fixes some minor issues in the test for existing gpg
31 keys.
33 Keychain 2.4.2 has complete support for gpg-agent, including adding
34 keys, clearing the agent, etc. The default for --attempts was changed
35 from 3 to 1.
37 Keychain 2.4.1 enables Sun SSH compatibility and fixes some more
38 Solaris awk problems.
40 Keychain 2.4.0 fixes a problem with awk on Solaris, a problem with
41 commercial ssh not prompting for a password, and adds gpg-agent
42 support.
44 Keychain 2.3.5 fixes a minor problem where keychain would report the
45 wrong number of keys when adding them to ssh-agent
47 Keychain 2.3.4 fixes a problem where keychain would mistake defunct
48 ssh-agent processes for running ones
50 Keychain 2.3.3 fixes a problem in the help output, makes --dir work
51 correctly, correctly handles spaces in file and directory names, and
52 fixes operation on HP-UX with older OpenSSH
54 Keychain 2.3.2 fixes a problem involving ssh-askpass where keychain
55 would attempt to use the gui even when --nogui is specified
57 Keychain 2.3.1 fixes a problem when users are running csh, at least on
58 Solaris and BSD.
60 Keychain 2.3.0 updates the locking code to obviate the procmail
61 dependency
63 Keychain 2.2.2 fixes the generation of the -csh file, reported by Jens
64 Svalgaard Kohrt in http://bugs.gentoo.org/show_bug.cgi?id=49813
66 Keychain 2.2.1 includes a fix for Solaris, which cuts off ps -u output
67 at 8 characters. Reported by and tested by Clay England.
69 Keychain 2.2.0 is a complete rewrite with a lot of compatibility and
70 speed fixes. Additionally it provides --timeout for carpaski and
71 others interested in this feature.
73 Keychain 2.0.3 contains some fixes for color issues and a grep -i option for
74 cygwin.
76 Keychain 2.0.2 contains a fix for the handling of ssh-askpass; SSH_ASKPASS now
77 needs to be set to enable askpass functionality.
79 Keychain 2.0.1 contains Solaris, Tru64 and MacOS X fixes, "--help" fixes, and
80 compatibility with x11-ssh-askpass.
82 Keychain 2.0 contains HP-UX and Cygwin fixes (Cygwin support is now inside the
83 main keychain script), and now stores keychain files in the ~/.keychain/
84 directory for tidiness. New filenames too: ~/.keychain/sh-${HOSTNAME} and
85 ~/.keychain/csh-${HOSTNAME}. Keychain 2.0 also contains a bunch of additional
86 fixes and performance improvements, and the --local option has been
87 depreciated. Added the --dir option so that you can specify an alternate
88 location for keychain to look for the .keychain directory: "keychain --dir
89 /var/foo /path/to/my/key" will cause keychain to look for /var/foo/.keychain.
91 Keychain 1.9 contains fixed Solaris support and a new "keychain.cygwin" script
92 for Cygwin systems. Sorry for the long delay in releasing this one; I've been
93 busy :)
95 Keychain 1.8 contains many shell compatibility improvements and various other
96 fixes, improved "lockfile" settings, improved detection of failed passphrase
97 attempts, the new ability to query public keys if the private key doesn't
98 contain a fingerprint, a quiet mode fix, and a new "--local" option for non-NFS
99 users who don't want to have the hostname appended to keychain's dot files.
101 Keychain 1.7 will use procmail's lockfile command if available to serialize the
102 startup of multiple keychain processes; this is a good thing if you have
103 multiple xterms opening simultaneously when you start X. This new feature
104 prevents multiple instances of ssh-agent from mistakenly being started. To
105 enable this feature, install procmail on your system. We also now have a
106 ssh-agent kill fix, a Solaris output fix, Darwin/MacOS X fix, FreeBSD output
107 fix, new short-style options (-k/-h for --stop and --help), and a new
108 --quiet/-q option for less-verbose output.
110 Keychain 1.6 will now try to add multiple keys at once, so that if you have
111 two keys with the same passphrase, you only need to type in the passphrase
112 once. Also contains a /usr/ucb Solaris path compatibility fix.
114 Keychain 1.5 contains a number of shell compatibility fixes for Solaris, IRIX,
115 and various other cleanups and optimizations. If we are not universally sh-
116 compatible at this point, we are extremely close.
118 Keychain 1.4 *should* now be compatible with Linux, BSD, Solaris, IRIX and
119 hopefully many other POSIX-like environments. Please submit any compatibility
120 patches to Daniel Robbins at drobbins@gentoo.org.
122 Keychain 1.3 and above now create ~/.ssh-agent-[hostname] files, making
123 KeyChain compatible with NFS-mounted home directories. There is also a new
124 ~/.ssh-agent-csh-[hostname] available that can be sourced by csh-based shells.
128 Keychain 1.3 and above should now be sh-compliant. Colorization features may
129 look weird if you're not using a vt100-compatible terminal and can be disabled
130 with the --nocolor option. You can make keychain less verbose by using the -q
131 or --quiet option.
135 To install keychain, simply use the "install" command as follows:
137 install -m0755 keychain /usr/bin/keychain
139 Keychain is now installed. Now, look at keychain.txt or the manual
140 page (they are the same) for instructions on how to use keychain. For
141 additional information on keychain, be sure to visit the Gentoo Linux
142 keychain project page at:
144 http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/keychain/

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