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1# ChangeLog for Gentoo Linux System Intialization ("rc") scripts 1# ChangeLog for Gentoo System Intialization ("rc") scripts
2# Copyright 2002-2004 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPL 2# Copyright 2002-2004 Gentoo Foundation; Distributed under the GPLv2
3# Written by Daniel Robbins (drobbins@gentoo.org) 3
4 23 Nov 2004; Roy Marples <uberlord@gentoo.org>:
6 iproute2 does not need to create dummy interfaces for aliases
7 unlike ifconfig so we no longer do this
8 We now bring down all aliases and addresses properly
9 Split off some functions from net.lo into helpers.d/functions
10 so that our DHCP helper scripts can use them too :)
11 Deprecated interface specific setup in favour of a generic config
12 macchanger brings interface up now - fixes #71929
13 DHCP over VLAN now works - fixes #71860
14 Disabled modified function checking as it's far too expensive on CPU
15 and still isn't 100% reliable
16 When specifing a module that isn't emerged, you now get an error
17 telling you what to emerge
18 Removed -p option from the diff call used for function removal
19 Removed rp_filter setting - fixes first part of bug #71971
20 Added sysctl.conf settings relating to rp_filter to sysctl.conf
21 - fixes last part of bug #71971
22 Fixed pump exporing ntp servers
23 implemented MODULES_DIR so we can change directory we load from on the fly
25 19 Nov 2004; Aron Grffis <agriffis@gentoo.org>:
27 Remove crap "ll" and "d" aliases from skel .bashrc
29 19 Nov 2004; Roy Marples <uberlord@gentoo.org>:
31 tests for hostname (none) when sending hostname via dhcpcd, udhpc or pump
32 udhcpc now does correct signal handling so we can release leases and
33 terminate cleanly
34 Improved pump process detection
35 Rewrote udhcpc helper scripts around udhcpc and wrapped dhclient to udhcpc
36 scripts. This makes things much saner as udhcpc is much saner - also fixed
37 essidnet and ipv6 local link for them.
38 removed iproute2 udhcpc reliance on the "bc" command
40 17 Nov 2004; Roy Marples <uberlord@gentoo.org>:
42 Fixed invalid variable handling in bonding and vlan - bug #71419
43 apipa now brings the interface up before testing if address exists
44 Updated bonding documentation - bug #71419
45 Fixed iproute2 adding addresses for vlans - bug #71419
46 ifconfig handle inet6 routing automatically - bug #33310
47 ifconfig - fixed old gateway + gateway in routes conflict
48 iproute2 cleaned up some functions
50 16 Nov 2004; Roy Marples <uberlord@gentoo.org>:
52 We no longer default a fallback to APIPA when no config is given
53 net.example fleshed out a bit more for dhcpcd - fixes #60845
54 Improved forced module handling a touch
55 modules_sort and modules_check_user in net.lo buffer _provides,
56 _before and _after in arrays to avoid shelling out
58 15 Nov 2004; Mike Frysinger <vapier@gentoo.org>:
60 Add a check to clock init.d to make sure users dont try to set
61 config their clock in rc.conf anymore.
63 Redo hostname/domainname scripts to use files in /etc/conf.d/
64 instead of creating files in /etc/. Allows for controlling things
65 like the behavior of setting the 'domain' in resolv.conf since users
66 may not always understand exactly what's going on.
68 Stop referring to conf.d/basic as a global rc config option. That
69 file hasn't been used in a long time and has since been replaced
70 with env.d/00basic. Updated sbin/runscript.sh, etc/profile,
71 sbin/rc-help.sh, and src/awk/cachedepends.awk.
73 Run `find | xargs` instead of `find -exec`. Much better performance
74 this way, and busybox friendly #59732.
4 75
5 15 Nov 2004; Roy Marples <uberlord@gentoo.org>: 76 15 Nov 2004; Roy Marples <uberlord@gentoo.org>:
6 77
78 Split modules_load into smaller more managable functions in net.lo
79 Added modules_force option to net.lo with a big phat warning in
80 net.example about it potentially breaking networking
81 Added searchdomains_ESSID option to essidnet
82 Stopped the domain setting from putting the same entry in search
83 in config-system and essidnet
84 Removed second warning in net.lo when configuration not set
7 Documented APIPA module in net.example 85 Documented APIPA module in net.example
8 Added kernel checking for vlan - fixes #70829 86 Added kernel checking for vlan - fixes #70829
9 Added kernel checking for bonding, bridging and tuntap 87 Added kernel checking for bonding, bridging and tuntap
10 Added iproute2 support to the APIPA module 88 Added iproute2 support to the APIPA module
11 89

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