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1# ChangeLog for Gentoo Linux System Intialization ("rc") scripts
2# Copyright 2001 Gentoo Technologies, Inc.; Distributed under the GPL
3# Written by Daniel Robbins (drobbins@gentoo.org)
5 17 Nov 2001; Donny Davies (woodchip@gentoo.org): Added /etc/shells file
6 to rc-scripts. Can remove it from sys-libs/shadow at the next release.
8* rc-scripts 1.1.8 (15 Nov 2001)
10 16 Nov 2001; removed bogus "mountall.test" script.
12 15 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Updated
13 init.d/{runscript.sh,depscan.sh}, sbin/rc to the new dep being 'use' not
14 'uses', as it fits better with 'need' (not 'needs'). Also removed unneeded
15 for loop from init.d/depscan.sh, and other fixes. Updated names of new
16 functions in init.d/runscript.sh to better sounding ones. Updated
17 init.d/modules, init.d/netmount to use 'use'. Lots of other fixes/cleanups.
18 Removed try() out of init.d/runscript.sh (why was this here ?).
20 14 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): init.d/bootmisc: Now
21 cleans /tmp. Also creates /etc/resolv.conf if it doesn't exist.
23 init.d/hostname: Added check for a valid /etc/hostname.
25 init.d/keymaps: Added check for valid $KEYMAP.
27 init.d/modules: Added sysklogd, metalog, syslog-ng as 'use' deps. This
28 should solve Woodchip's syslog+glue issue. We just have to change the
29 console loglevel for metalog and syslog-ng (sysklogd already updated) not to
30 output info and warnings, etc to the console, then boot will be much cleaner.
31 Also the install guide will need changing to add the loggers to 'boot' and
32 not 'default' runlevel.
34 init.d/mountall.test: Hopefully updated to the new rc-scripts style. Is
35 this really needed (I cannot see that it is used anywhere ...)?
37 13 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Updated
38 init.d/runscript.sh, init.d/depscan.sh and sbin/rc with a new depend called
39 'uses'. It basically have the same usage as 'need', except that it do not
40 start services that is not in the current and 'boot' runlevels.
42 Updated init.d/netmount to use the 'uses' depend.
44 11 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Fixed init.d/runscript.sh
45 not to destroy the 'need' depends in /${svcdir}/need. This caused subsequent
46 starting and stopping of services not to start depends.
48 7 Nov 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Fixed a problem in sbin/rc
49 where the ${svcdir}/softscripts directory got destroyed before stopping
50 running services scheduled to be stopped. This with the fact that $SOFTLEVEL
51 was set too early, caused the services to be stopped in the wrong order.
53 30 Oct 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): Modified init.d/netmount to
54 check if any network filesystems is mounted.
56 29 Oct 2001; init.d/netmount: umount -art doesn't seem to work, so I added
57 some awk and grep magic to find all remote filesystems and umount them.
59 29 Oct 2001; Martin Schlemmer (azarah@gentoo.org): A fix for checkroot
60 (missing "/"); it now actually checks the root filesystem. Also, a
61 localmount cleanliness fix.
63* rc-scripts 1.1.7 (18 Oct 2001)
65[old changelog format follows]
67 *lots of scripts; woodchip
68 removed old rc5 scripts from cvs
70 *init.d/runscript.sh; agriffis
71 Added support for rc.conf and home-grown functions
73 *init.d/modules;
74 Now correctly looks at /etc/modules.autoload
1rc-scripts-1.1.6, released 15 Sep 2001 76rc-scripts-1.1.6, released 15 Sep 2001
2====================================== 77======================================
3 78
4 *init.d/runscript.sh, others 79 *init.d/runscript.sh, others
5 Handling of "net" dependencies resolve to all net devices in 80 Handling of "net" dependencies resolve to all net devices in

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