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.frozen (dead)  1.2  14 years  robbat2  remove lockfile
DIR_COLORS (dead)  1.4  14 years  azarah  Remove /etc/DIR_COLORS, as coreutils provides it now.
crontab (dead)  1.2  16 years  azarah  remove uneeded crontab
devfsd.conf (dead)  1.17  13 years  vapier  move devfs stuff to the devfs package #67276
filesystems  1.2  13 years  vapier  remove copyright header
fstab  1.19  13 years  vapier  dont use the vague 'none' when mounting stuff #78684
group  1.16  13 years  vapier  remove apache user #77738
hosts  1.8  14 years  azarah  Add IPV6 versions of localhost and co in /etc/hosts, bug #25859. Fix 2.5 tempfi…
inittab  1.8  13 years  vapier  comment out serial consoles by default
inputrc  1.11  12 years  vapier  eat trailing whitespace
issue  1.3  14 years  azarah  fix issue for O agetty option; new release
issue.devfix  1.1  13 years  vapier  allow users to choose filesystem format for /dev #69091 and add a help file for …
issue.logo  1.2  14 years  azarah  fix issue for O agetty option; new release
modules (dead)  1.2  16 years  drobbins  moving around modules stuff, rc.conf typo fix
modules.autoload (dead)  1.6  15 years  azarah  some updates and fixes
networks  1.4  15 years  azarah  fix config files; fix awk module on non x86 archs
nsswitch.conf (dead)  1.5  13 years  vapier  move nsswitch.conf to glibc
passwd  1.27  13 years  vapier  remove apache user #77738
profile  1.32  12 years  vapier  quote $EDITOR #94412
protocols  1.2  16 years  azarah  add headers
pwdb.conf (dead)  1.4  16 years  azarah  lots of fixes/updates
rc.conf  1.31  13 years  vapier  punt PROTOCOL and move around consolefont
services  1.10  12 years  vapier  add pxc and rquotad
shadow  1.2  14 years  agriffis  Fix bug 50246: Give root an invalid password ("*" in /etc/shadow) in the default…
shells  1.5  14 years  azarah  small fixes
sysctl.conf  1.8  12 years  vapier  remove invalid leading sys.

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