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filefuncs/         (from /)
.cvsignore  1.1  15 years  vapier  .cvsignore
start-stop-daemon.c  1.5  15 years  vapier  add update from upstream ssd to detect kfbsd #80021
Makefile  1.9  15 years  vapier  merge freebsd fixes
consoletype.c  1.3  15 years  vapier  merge freebsd fixes
runscript.c  1.8  15 years  vapier  merge freebsd fixes
headers.h  1.1  15 years  vapier  merge freebsd fixes
.frozen (dead)  1.2  16 years  robbat2  remove lockfile
filefuncs.c (dead)  1.4  17 years  azarah  various fixes; moved .c files to src

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