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Wed Mar 2 09:01:36 2005 UTC (13 years, 3 months ago) by azarah
Branch: MAIN
CVS Tags: sandbox_1_2_8, sandbox_1_2_2, sandbox_1_2_3, sandbox_1_2_1, sandbox_1_2_6, sandbox_1_2_7, sandbox_1_2_4, sandbox_1_2_5, sandbox_1_2, HEAD
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Fix inverse test logic in canonicalize.c, use a strncpy.  Fix gcc warning in
getcwd.c.  Add symbols.in and logic to Makefile.am to generate symbol versions
for glibc and other libc's that use this.  Update libsandbox.c to use these
symbol versions if available.  Fix exec wrapper to re-export LD_PRELOAD if the
process unset it.

1 chmod
2 chown
3 creat
4 fopen
5 lchown
6 link
7 mkdir
8 opendir
9 __xmknod
10 open
11 rename
12 rmdir
13 symlink
14 truncate
15 unlink
16 creat64
17 fopen64
18 open64
19 truncate64
20 execve

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