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10</longdescription> 10</longdescription>
11<use> 11<use>
12 <flag name='ical'>Enable support for <pkg>dev-libs/libical</pkg></flag> 12 <flag name='ical'>Enable support for <pkg>dev-libs/libical</pkg></flag>
13 <flag name='irda'>Enable infrared support</flag> 13 <flag name='irda'>Enable infrared support</flag>
14 <flag name='sms'>Enable SMS support (build smsd)</flag> 14 <flag name='sms'>Enable SMS support (build smsd)</flag>
15 <flag name='pcsc-lite'>Enable smartcard support with <pkg>sys-apps/pcsc-lite</pkg></flag>
15</use> 16</use>
16</pkgmetadata> 17</pkgmetadata>

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