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42 die "Missing something in your system" 42 die "Missing something in your system"
43 fi 43 fi
44done 44done
45 45
46# first the default subset of useflags 46# first the default subset of useflags
47IUSES_BASE="bash-completion -binfilter branding cups dbus graphite gstreamer gtk nsplugin python vba webdav xmlsec -aqua -jemalloc -mysql -nlpsolver -odk -opengl -pdfimport -postgres -svg" 47IUSES_BASE="bash-completion branding cups dbus gstreamer gtk python vba webdav -aqua -binfilter -jemalloc -mysql -odk -opengl -postgres -svg"
49ENABLE_EXTENSIONS="presenter-console presenter-minimizer"
50DISABLE_EXTENSIONS="nlpsolver pdfimport scripting-beanshell scripting-javascript wiki-publisher"
52for lo_xt in ${ENABLE_EXTENSIONS}; do
53 IUSES_BASE+=" libreoffice_extensions_${lo_xt}"
55for lo_xt in ${DISABLE_EXTENSIONS}; do
56 IUSES_BASE+=" -libreoffice_extensions_${lo_xt}"
58unset lo_xt
48 59
49# now for the options 60# now for the options
50IUSES_J="java" 61IUSES_J="java"
51IUSES_NJ="-java" 62IUSES_NJ="-java"
52IUSES_G="gnome eds" 63IUSES_G="gnome eds"

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