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Mon Jul 25 18:15:43 2011 UTC (6 years, 4 months ago) by scarabeus
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Make vba scripting optional. Punt undecided.txt file with unknown opts as we set all those that we require.

(Portage version: 2.2.0_alpha47/cvs/Linux x86_64)

1 --enable-ext-barcode Enables the Barcode extension.
2 --enable-ext-diagram Enables the Diagram extension.
3 --enable-ext-google-docs
4 Download and enables the Google Documents extension.
5 --enable-ext-hunart Enables the Hungarian Cross-reference Toolbar
6 extension.
7 --enable-ext-lightproof Enables the Lightproof extension.
8 --enable-ext-nlpsolver Download and enables the NLPSolver extension.
9 --enable-ext-ct2n Enables the ConvertTextToNumber extension.
10 --enable-ext-numbertext Enables the Numbertext extension.
11 --enable-ext-oooblogger Download and enables the OOo Blogger extension.
12 --enable-ext-report-builder
13 Enables the build of the Report Builder extension.
14 --enable-ext-scripting-javascript
15 Enables support for scripts in JavaScript.
16 --enable-ext-typo Enables the Typography Toolbar extension.
17 --enable-ext-validator Enables the Validator extension.
18 --enable-ext-watch-window
19 Enables the Watch Window extension to Calc.
20 --enable-ext-wiki-publisher
21 Enables the Wiki Publisher extension.
22 --disable-vba Disables the vba compatibility feature.
23 --disable-activex-component
24 Remove support for ActiveX embedding of LibO.
25 --disable-mathmldtd Disable mathmldtd (useful for distributions that
26 want to avoid packaging it).
27 --enable-layout Enable the compilation and use of layout dialogs.
28 --disable-build-mozilla Use this option if you do not want to build the
29 mozilla components from the mozilla source code but
30 take precompiled zips.
31 --disable-nss-module Whether to use provided NSS module.
32 --enable-lomenubar Enable global menu support.

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