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Thu Apr 19 20:02:05 2012 UTC (8 years, 3 months ago) by robbat2
Branch: MAIN
Initial commit. Based on the maatkit package. The names of all of the binaries have changed, and the FNV/Murmur UDFs are no longer included by upstream. Due to these changes by upstream, this is not being done as a pkgmove.

(Portage version: 2.2.0_alpha100/cvs/Linux x86_64, unsigned Manifest commit)

1 robbat2 1.1 DIST percona-toolkit-2.1.1.tar.gz 1182760 RMD160 4172f84435fc40382442974ee2740621945d70df SHA1 bbaf2440c55bb62b5e98d08bd3246e82c84f6f2a SHA256 ae8fc0479ee48a1ef1882006eecfbcdd3ba1ab5cae19825087fb02d96d8e4a39
2     EBUILD percona-toolkit-2.1.1.ebuild 1050 RMD160 49435f6603ebecf30caea03e22b2e836e9243148 SHA1 0e35f3f0b68692e0bd8d5c0577df617c1fea792b SHA256 8d5f2a1395957269fdfd4b0277aa322aa56688c8c64897a1d530b9da74428040
3     MISC ChangeLog 588 RMD160 b3f0fcd817263c06339d3ed554a9ff357546ef9c SHA1 c2f882836f011ed94d09454dc40e368e3dc85785 SHA256 9648568b59207df2fddfb4e6ac23c2ed20497fa9b9b248966096c5e346bb0d5b
4     MISC metadata.xml 930 RMD160 10dc50af95ebd06fd12bbe9a78dc48394b24770e SHA1 59ddecc574760fabe4e1576d2f24996f7cccae05 SHA256 0dbfe08658e46401ee0ce427f8602361b589efedebae012de98a75b94f1c350c

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