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aspell-dict.eclass  1.8  17 years  jmorgan  removed sparc64 from aspell-dict.eclass
autotools.eclass  1.6  17 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
base.eclass  1.18  17 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
commonbox.eclass  1.14  17 years  mkeadle  Minor update to commonbox.eclass
cvs.eclass  1.30  17 years  cretin  Fixed pserver non-anonymous logins
debug.eclass  1.17  17 years  danarmak  add INHERITED variable to all eclasses. this keeps track of what eclasses were i…
distutils.eclass  1.4  17 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
ebook.eclass  1.8  17 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
elisp.eclass  1.1  17 years  mkennedy  initial
eutils.eclass  1.12  17 years  azarah  dont depend on patch during bootstrap
flag-o-matic.eclass  1.11  17 years  cretin  Allow -g in strip-flags
games.eclass  1.20  17 years  vapier  removed ${PN} from install
gcc.eclass  1.8  17 years  azarah  add gcc2_flags()
gnome.org.eclass  1.3  17 years  azarah  support diff suffix in gnojme.org eclass
gnome2.eclass  1.26  17 years  spider  whitespace fix
gnuconfig.eclass  1.3  17 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
gtk-engines.eclass  1.15  17 years  spider  Fixed the crux SRC_URI to work on the new gnome ftp scheme
inherit.eclass  1.19  17 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
java.eclass  1.7  17 years  strider  Fixes bug #11466
kde-base.eclass  1.18  17 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
kde-dist.eclass  1.33  17 years  hannes  kde-3.1_rc6 changes
kde-functions.eclass  1.50  17 years  hannes  kde-3.1_rc6 changes
kde-i18n.eclass  1.39  17 years  hannes  marked 3.1_* i18n packages as ~x86 ~ppc
kde-patch.eclass  1.4  17 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
kde-pre.eclass  1.3  17 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
kde-source.eclass  1.12  17 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
kde.eclass  1.67  17 years  danarmak  move the autotools deps from set-kdedir to need-kde (whyever were they in set-kd…
kde.org.eclass  1.25  17 years  hannes  kde-3.1_rc6 changes
kernel.eclass  1.14  17 years  lostlogic  remove slot
kmod.eclass  1.5  17 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
koffice-i18n.eclass  1.19  17 years  hannes  support for koffice-i18n-*-1.2.1 small fixes (like SRC_URI contains now mirror:/…
latex-package.eclass  1.11  17 years  satai   Fixed some minor woes that cropped up during a new package addition...
libtool.eclass  1.19  17 years  azarah  fix if ltmain.sh in CONFIG dir
makeedit.eclass  1.4  17 years  azarah  small fixor
mount-boot.eclass  1.6  17 years  woodchip  fix for #10471
nsplugins.eclass  1.7  17 years  azarah  keepdir the nsplugins dir to keep it from unmerging
perl-module.eclass  1.32  17 years  mcummings  reinstated extutils makemaker dep. between this and the profile dep we should ha…
perl-post.eclass  1.9  17 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
sgml-catalog.eclass  1.3  17 years  satai   Keep /etc/env.d/93sgmltools-lite up to date, and also /etc/env.d/sgml.env. Move…
vim.eclass  1.4  17 years  rphillips  moved patch file into vim ebuilds... this is to allow for package versioning and…
virtualx.eclass  1.9  17 years  vapier  Header updates/cleanups
xemacs-packages.eclass  1.3  17 years  rendhalver  fixing KEYWORDS

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