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Sat Nov 17 11:58:54 2001 UTC (18 years ago) by danarmak
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1 Explanation of the KDE package move. Author: Dan Armak <danarmak@gentoo.org>.
2 $Header: /home/cvsroot/gentoo-x86/kde-apps/README,v 1.1 2001/08/18 20:23:26 danarmak Exp $
4 Summary
5 -------
6 All packages in kde-apps have been moved to other categories.
7 Parts of the base KDE distribution (i.e. kdebase, kdenetwork, ...)
8 have been moved to kde-base.
9 All other packages have ben moved to the proper categories: app-*,
10 media-*, net-*, dev-*. From now on, KDE applications will be categorized
11 just like other apps.
12 The old locations have been masked. If you still have packages under
13 /usr/portage/kde-apps/, please run 'emerge --clean rsync' to get rid of them.
14 A similar move of Gnome apps will follow shortly.
16 Reasons
17 -------
18 Packages are now much easier to find and categorize. Someone who wants
19 e.g. a list of cdr apps can now simply go to app-cdr and does not have to
20 check in kde-apps and gnome-apps. This is much simpler, cleaner and more
21 logical.
22 In addition, with the introduction of KDE2.2, the door has been opened for
23 the creation of ebuilds for a great amount of kde applications. There are
24 currently over 1,000 KDE applications registered on apps.kde.com. To have
25 such an amount of packages in one category would have been impossible.
27 Side effects
28 ------------
29 If KDE was installed before the move, i.e. from the old location, then
30 merging any KDE app will cause kde-libs, and possibly several other base
31 KDE packages, to be recompiled and remerged (just once).
32 Apps already installed will continue to work. Also, because of Portage's
33 config dir protection feature, the remerge will not affect any system
34 settings. It will just take some time; an unavoidable consequence. Sorry
35 for any inconvinience.
37 BTW, whoever has heard about movepackage.sh, the package relocation script,
38 or the new Portage Job System in this connection shoud know that the former
39 has been cancelled and the latter put off.
42 Dan Armak
43 18/8/2001

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