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Sun Jun 15 13:32:33 2003 UTC (16 years, 11 months ago) by jhhudso
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Added AGREP license, needed for app-text/agrep package

1 jhhudso 1.1 This material was developed by Sun Wu and Udi Manber
2     at the University of Arizona, Department of Computer Science.
3     Permission is granted to copy this software, to redistribute it
4     on a nonprofit basis, and to use it for any purpose, subject to
5     the following restrictions and understandings.
7     1. Any copy made of this software must include this copyright notice
8     in full.
10     2. All materials developed as a consequence of the use of this
11     software shall duly acknowledge such use, in accordance with the usual
12     standards of acknowledging credit in academic research.
14     3. The authors have made no warranty or representation that the
15     operation of this software will be error-free or suitable for any
16     application, and they are under under no obligation to provide any
17     services, by way of maintenance, update, or otherwise. The software
18     is an experimental prototype offered on an as-is basis.
20     4. Redistribution for profit requires the express, written permission
21     of the authors.

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